Article Spinning with Data merge & Jetspinner

One of the very cool features that makes Jetspinner unique (besides simply being the free article spinner with more users and more features than any article spinning system on the planet) is our data merge function. It’s rarely talked about but is extremely powerful.

It works by using an .CSV file (Excel, etc) with columns of attributes and rows of specific items then selecting a row and using the attributes of that item throughout a specific version of the article. Sound kind of confusing? That’s probably why more people dont’ use it, but it’s really quite simple so I’ve created a 3 minute video showing exactly how to get it done!

Todd Dickerson

P.S. Like it? Love it? Leave a comment and let me know!

  • MartyOA

    Todd This video is minature. Cant it be made so that it will fill the screen please

  • eastdelhi

    Nice article

  • acesmith

    How can we view it on a bigger screen mode?

  • David Miles

    Thanks I have been using Jet Spinner for a while now and never knew i could use it for so much more : )

  • sellmore

    Cool feature (and well explained).

  • Keith

    Very cool feature. Was wondering.. can a cell in Excel that gets pulled in with this feature contain spinning syntax?

    BTW, I LOVE this spinner compared to all of the others I used (mostly I used tools for blog content syndication)… I like how there are really no limits on links in the articles. Sure, there might be a limit on the final article to 2 (or 3) but they can come from a random pool of unlimited links. Do I ever feel short changed from the other tools that only allow 2-3 groups of 10 keywords and 10 URLs per keyword.

    One small thing about this tool though.. the AJAX thesaurus pops up too high on the page when I'm working further down in my article. Sometimes it's not on the page at all. I use the latest version of FF, never tried it in any other browsers. Plus, it'd be nice to be able to use it for the title and summary and box. I generally just create those in the body first then move them which is an easy workaround.


    Great stuff! Thanks.

  • Todd Dickerson

    Hey guys, on the road right now but there should be a button in the bottom right of the video to go full screen. It should go up to around 1280×768 when full! Will reply to others when I'm back.

  • LisaSEO

    Thank you so much Todd. I finally get it now. So the db:0 started with Col A. and the file needed to be a .csv, clear as crystal. cheers.

  • Todd Dickerson

    Yep, just make sure you use the whole {db:0:}!

  • Todd Dickerson

    Try the icon in the bottom right corner when you mouse over the video. Thanks!

  • Todd Dickerson

    Try the icon in the bottom right corner when you mouse over the video. Thanks!

  • Todd Dickerson

    Hey Keith, right now no, something I should probably consider adding.

    Are you using Windows or Mac? I've had some reports of issues with older versions of IE, still trying to perfect the CSS/Javascript code. Unfortunately its a little tricky with all the different browsers out there!

    Thanks for the great feedback! With all the input I get from you guys we should be able to have it continue to improve!

  • vj1053

    Hi All,
    I've used this Powerful tool to create 50 unique articles very fast and very easily. The hardest part is creating your seed articles. Now after I created my articles I hesitated and let them sit on my gals computer. Due to fear of TOS from article directories. But what's going on is that lots of sites won't help you unless you pay them for either a product or service, so don't fear. Submit your spun unique articles, just don't let everyone know how you generated articles for your own good and don't go over 3 digits. Be smart about it the article directories don't want anyone using any sort of leverage on them. I'm not going to let my articles sit so long anymore, my next job is to submit them.

  • KWNY

    Okay I found the article on Jet Spinner. If you can please be so kind and tell me where I can contact support for the company? Since this is what I get when I hit contact on Jet Spinner.

    No help desk at
    The help desk configured at this address is no longer available.

    I believe the welcome email for Jet Spinner was signed by you “Todd” but it was no reply. So I couldn’t respond with my issues.

    I’m trying to join for unlimited projects and also having problems with some features on the free versions. So I need some assistants. I’m sorry to be posting on your blog like this in two different sections, but I only found the Jet Spinner post now and didn’t know how else to contact anyone for help. I’m sure you understand I have questions, issues on the site as well as wish to upgrade. I don’t know wish post you will read first but I will leave my contact again: It is a one time email I made to leave just so you can contact me. It is not my personal email. So I am not leaving any personal content. [email protected]

    Thank you, I look forward to your help,

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