Autoblogger Blog Network with Unique Content

I just got an email from an Autoblogger user who is KILLING it in Google using to create a blog network and it hit me like a ton of bricks…

Not everyone is realizing the potential of Autoblogger. It is NOT designed to manage your one or two main blogs.

Autoblogger can and SHOULD be used to create a blog NETWORK that is full of unique content then promote “money sites” through the network.

Instead of writing a long email I decided to create a quick video explaining the basics of what I mean…

Todd Dickerson

P.S. Keep an eye out for a more detailed video, or join the waiting list:

  • Jo

    Thats a great product. Let me know when it becomes available.

  • Tracy

    Hi Todd,

    $35 for 30 C-Class IP addresses?????? The last time I looked (last week) the best I found was 5 for $30. That’s a wow!