AutoBlogger Preview & Questions

I’ve created a human powered automatic blogging system that
I have been using for a while now to create blogs on
autopilot. It’s really unlike anything anyone has every
done before.

I have it simplified down to the point where all I do is
input a blog’s info and tell the system a few keywords for
the blog.

The system then finds recent topics in the news, blogs,
shopping sites, google, etc and has writers write unique
blog posts (costs about $1.50 per post), then the posts are
automatically posted to my blogs. I think it’s pretty
obvious how fast and easy it is to setup niche blogs this


Questions Answered

First off, the system is NOTHING like the junk/spam systems
that already exist. Those systems have been around for
YEARS but all they do is scrape (steal) content from other
websites or RSS feeds and post it to your website. Not
only is it not a very ethical practice, but it simply doesn’t
work anymore. Google hates the duplicate content and just
ignores it most of the time.The content created by THIS system is just like having your
own part time writer on staff. It’s written specifically
for your website. The topics that I mentioned are just
that, topic IDEAS for the writer to write completely unique
content, nothing more.

Second, I understand post quality and speed will be of the
absolute highest importance to you. This is one reason
why, to begin with, the number of users has to be strictly
limited. I only have so many talented writers at my
disposal for the insanely low per post prices I’ve
mentioned. I expect initially I’ll only have room in the
system for a MAX of 50 people, maybe less. Hopefully I’ll be
able to expand this number later on, but no promises, first
come, first serve.

Third, There will be a monthly retainer fee to use the
system, maintain updates/servers/etc, nothing too expensive
but as I’ve already said, there can only be a few people
using the system because of the limited writer base and I
only want serious users to help grow and improve the system.

  • zoki

    Shouldn’t this be a system where articles would be rewritten using human spinner and pubslished on you theme related networks of blogs.

    This would be the great deal.

    Because almost all blog networks have the same duplicate content.

    Example:125 c-class with hostgator.50 domains per c-class.

  • zoki

    Also let us know when/where we can signup

  • todd

    Hey Zoki, that is a great idea and we’ve thought about building something similar to this already. If there is enough interest, a blogging network like you’re talking about could be up and running very quickly (we have automated systems I’ve built to create hundreds of blogs quickly and use the autoblogging system to post content, it wouldn’t be a great change to use Humanspinner content and charge monthly for posts.) Shoot me an email with any more input you have on the topic. Thanks!

    You can get on the notification list at – tomorrow at 2pm you’ll receive a link to the firesale, 50 user limit, first 20 discounted 50%, next 20 discounted 30%

  • roy

    Hi Todd,

    Will this system work with nich websites, (adsense type)?

  • Esti Allina-Turnauer

    Nice system and at $1.50 per post very affordable. I have a hard time keeping up with blog writing on top of all the other tasks I have to take care of as a one-woman show.

    Just one thing – professional writers need to provide professional quality – including spelling and grammar. In the video I noticed misspellings such as ‘allot’.

    I wouldn’t want to have to proofread every post.

    What are you going to do to guarantee the quality of the language as well as the content?

    Other things that will be unacceptable: “There’s a few things…” rather than “There’re or (there are)a few things…” which has become an all-to-common sloppy use of language. Even in books!

    It’s my name, so I insist on maintaining my high standards.

    What can I count on regarding proper English in the articles created by your writers?

  • J. Davis

    Looks great! When can I sign up?

  • todd

    Hey Guys

    Roy, this system is perfect for adsense or niche type sites and networks of niche sites. Build sites, automate all the content creation (the hard part!), drive traffic and pagerank to the big money sites that you have and bam… instant traffic and hopefully profits.

    Esti, Our writers all are required to qualify and prove they know how to write. That said we have brought on a huge number of writers for this venture. As the system evolves and users give us feedback we will remove writers who have too many strikes against them. The longer the system is around the better it will get!

  • The Internet Marketing Maven

    Does this work with WordPress sites?

  • todd

    Hey yes, its specifically designed to work with WordPress. Support for other platforms will be added in the future. Anything with XML-RPC support will be first.

  • Todd

    Just a heads up – preview group is filled less the 3 hours after opening. Thanks for all the interest. Join the notification list at if you want to be one of the first to find out when we have additional room.

    Todd Dickerson

  • Ray Cassidy

    The issue of quality English (or other language – there must be an enormous Spanish market out there) is a real one. having had my fingers gently burned already when outsourcing AND as an ex teacher, these things are close to my heart!!

  • Niels Sorensen

    I really love AutoBlogger – damn that seems as an easy way to keep your blogs freash and lively. :-)
    All I really need now is to create some more blogs – that would be the best way of using autoblogger as far as I can tell..

    Have a nice weekend.

  • Todd

    Thanks Neils,

    I agree, using Autoblogger to create blogs to promote your money sites is exactly what I recommend, check out the most recent post on the blog regarding using Autoblogger to Create a blog Network

  • Niels Sorensen

    I must say that I was extremely unhappy with the AutoBlogger system. The writers are VERY “stupid” – which I guess is actually not due to stupidity but rather that they spend so few minutes on each article.
    They did not understand even my simplest directions and inputs – even though it ended up being only a few words, like e.g. “Please include the keyword several times in the blog posts”.
    If my keywords were anything but one single word, they were not used. If I used one single word, I recieved several blog posts that only very remotely had anything to do with the topic – and was written in very general terms WITHOUT using the keyword more than perhaps once in the beginning of the text.
    Basically I had to rewrite every single blog post, and delete a couple of those which were totally useless.
    I DID give this system a big chance and stayed in for several months, but it seemed to only get worse.

    If I could get my money back, I would be happy – it definitely wasn’t worth the price at all.

    Disclaimer: It might be bettter suited for some other subjects, I wouldn’t know…

  • Todd Dickerson

    Of course Niels, we have a 60 day refund policy, just send over a ticket to support. Also any posts that are below what you would call fair quality let Support know about and they will credit your account accordingly.

    That said the “directions” I believe you are talking about are simply suggestions and guidance for writers, not enforceable requirements which may not be made clear enough inside the app.

    Autoblogger is not for everyone, its designed to create huge amounts of 100% unique, niche targeted, and fair to good quality content completely on autopilot. If you're not using it on dozens of blogs you're simply not taking full advantage of it.

    I just setup a blog network using 100% autoblogger content and its doing killer in Google already, that said I'm not worried about typos, political leaning, or accent in the articles. I want the posts to rank in Google for niche related keywords (Autoblogger posts stumble on many I never even considered) and I have CPA ads at the top of the blogs to drive traffic to.


    P.S. You could be correct about your niche subject also, if your keyword(s) are generic and could be interpreted by writers and the system to mean different things it can cause confusion.

  • Niels Sorensen

    Hi Todd
    Thank you very much for your answer, I really appriciate it.
    Sadly I did not know aboyt the 60 day refund, so that has passed long ago.. Any chance for a special help here? :-)

    I bet you are right about the niches and the use of the system – I might just very well have been extremely unlucky in my choice of niches/keywords…


  • Todd Dickerson

    Yeah of course, shoot me an email @ [email protected] with your email/account details/subscription id/etc

  • photoshop3d

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