Autoblogger Q&A Video

I sent an email out Friday asking what questions you had regarding the system and I got some great questions back.  Instead of answering them in a traditional email I went ahead and recorded a more in-depth 5 minute video answering questions (such as: cost, keyword topics covered, quality, number of blogs, post frequency, & making money).

(Ignore the 125 new users mention, that will likely change before we go live)

AutoBlogger will be made available again very soon, so keep an eye out for that email.

  • Wil


    I'ver read the report on building a blog network…thank you for that.

    Question 1: Where do you recommend that we get these Class-IP hosting for these blogs?

    Question2: Can you give us any hints as to the per month expense on this system. I figure there will be charges on:
    2.1 GoDaddy private registration of approximately $18.00 /domain
    2.2 Automatic content to these blogs via your interface – approximately: $45.00 / month / blog using $1.50 per post per day
    2.3 Autoblogger membership / month which we don't know yet how much it would be.

    Are there any other expenses?

    Question3: How do you even manage these many blogs being that plug ins need to be updated, software needs to be upgraded, etc?

    Question4: In your opinion, how do you go about linking these blogs? What are the best practices?

    Thank you/

  • tiggman

    1. There are a number seo hosts that you can find by searching Google for SEO Hosting, but that said HostGator has, another guy Todd Spencer who understands blog networks very well has, and I will be release another very under the radar host that has the cheapest prices around to Autoblogger users (I have to restrict this because they only have enough hosting for around 500 new domains on hand, so I need to make sure AB users get first shot)

    2.1 Google “godaddy .com coupon code” and you can get the first year hosting + privacy for under $10 usually
    2.2 $45/month sounds about right, that said some users such as Nick (mentioned in the other video) did 30 posts in month 1 then 1 per week after that mixing in links to his sites here and there with great results.
    2.3 Less then the content cost for 2 sites, I'll be sending out details tomorrow at noon est.
    – I'd still use Article Marketing, and traditional SEO to give the blogs in your network a boost.

    3. WordPress is pretty great when it comes to this, rarely are there serious security updates that need installed and seo plugins rarely need updated either. I have plenty of blogs running 2 year old wordpress installs with no issues. That said if anyone can recommend a good cheap tool to manage them long term let us know. I have an in-house system I use to manage huge numbers of sites/ips and automate install & setup that I might release in the future if people need it.

    4. For Indexers I like footer rotating links, but they're not very powerful long term from my tests. For long term SEO linking keywords inside normal blog posts is the way to go.