Autoblogger Updated Q&A and Behind the Scenes

Note: This video is slightly out of date, Autoblogger has been updated with a completely new UI and a ton more features!

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I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for the baby blessings and send you over a quick video answering some of the most common related questions and showing a little of Autoblogger behind the scenes.

  • Eric J

    This looks to be great software for online marketers. I'll have to look into this further. Thanks for sharing!

  • WealthSecrets

    Hi there

    I am aware of your other products and am a member there

    Very interested in buidling blogs as I am doing that now CPA and Adsense sites.

    Thanks for the clarification on some of the aspects of Autoblogger.

    I am still not quite sure as to how many sites I can build through the system ?

    Was it 40 and what happens when I get to 40 as I am building around that in a month.


  • Todd Dickerson

    Hey Hamant, the lifetime package I'm offering right now is only 40 blogs. I have offered in the past a 500 domain package and a 100 blog package. Currently you can upgrade to them after purchasing a lifetime membership. How many domains or what kind of package would you like to see?

  • Robin R

    You answered a couple of my questions, thanks.

    Because of the option to automagically set up sites, it would be nice if we could enter a Google Analytics ID so site tracking would also be set up. It would be nice to know how much traffic the network is getting (or individual sites) in case we create a popular site. Or maybe cPanel integrates with WordPress to easily add usage statistics. I haven't used cPanel.

    Also, maybe there should be an option to allow JetSubmitter to add content which matches the network's categories/keywords. Probably with some rate limiter, as with other automated content sources.

  • Robin R

    Hmm… a problem with Google Analytics would be that it would inform Google that all those sites were connected together because all the analytics would be going to one place. Not such a good idea.

  • Hamant

    Hello Todd
    Thanks for your reply

    Would you be able to tell me how much the upgrade packages are ?


  • Robin R

    For an existing WordPress site, I think the account specified in Autoblogger should be an Admin account, and not an Author account. There should be a Help page which describes the fields (right now there's only mention of what the fields should be when it should be a cPanel account).

  • Robin R

    If I understand the “Advanced Keywords” correctly, we can define any phrase which might appear in the content. So whether no matter the source of the content, a keyword “orange” in text will cause the article to try to have the specified categories for “orange” and will randomly pick a link from those assigned for the keyword.

    If one of our blogs is about fruit trees, and because we're selling grapefruit we would have the “grapefruit” keyword linked to our store site.

    An interesting thing about this is that we can spread the link love around. On that fruit tree blog, we can also define “orange” as a keyword and point that keyword at various sites which we think deserve a link. We don't need to try to create content with “orange” but some is likely to appear, and other sites will benefit from these free links.

    And, indeed, this is exactly how links are expected to be used. You used your judgment to pick some links which you think should be used. Then you're delegating the editing to a program. The search engines will see that you think those are interesting sites, so they may benefit.

  • Robin R

    The auto content Articles option is difficult to use because everything below the “feed url” field is not documented and not obvious. The other content options show that there are some magic words available, but I don't know what #Content# might look like until some appears in a blog. And I have no idea what the “comment” fields are for.

  • David

    so after we purchase the lifetime membership we have to pay for each post created? Also what other affiliate programs can the system use? I live in colorado so Amazon terminated all CO affiliates.

  • Robin R

    I think the Amazon field is used when an article mentions (or reviews) an Amazon product, and links to the product. You could include other affiliate info in the description for writers in case they know how to use it (maybe a affiliate URL?). I think you can otherwise use affiliate links in an ad in a sidebar, so after the blog has been created you can edit the site to insert the ad. And you can use Direct Post to emit your own affiliate-laden articles.

    I think that after initial setup the scripts primarily add posts, categories, and tags. I'm not Todd/Staff so I'm inferring from the meager descriptions we have.

  • Robin R

    If we have a period of silence from Todd/Staff it might mean that Todd is distracted by training a new staff member.

  • Robin R

    The AutoBlogger site sometimes gets confused when I'm logged in, shut down my browser, move to another IP, start up the browser, and the browser tries to reopen the previous URL (probably with an invalid cookie). I see an error message instead of simply getting pushed back to a login screen or some other sane location. Oh… and check production.log, is what I think it said.

  • Robin R

    I'm confused over what to put in the Domain field to cause a cPanel WP upload. I tried putting in the domain, but it's been saying 'uploading' for hours, and I don't see anything on the domain's page for accessing cPanel. I changed the Domain to the URL for cPanel, but now I don't see a way to tell AutoBlogger which domain to upload to (I only have one domain at present, but it doesn't make sense to not tell AB the intended domain).

  • Robin R

    I apparently found the right combination, as my site is now showing a WordPress configuration button, so some files finally have been uploaded.

    My hosting company had given me a URL to access the hosting account, and an account name. But cPanel needed something else. I had to chase through the host account interface to actually reach cPanel, then look at the account name which cPanel was displaying.

    What AutoBlogger needed was the site's domain name (no http://), the cPanel account name (in this case a letter and some numbers), and the password.

  • Todd Dickerson

    Hey Robin, sorry I didn't check back here on comments right away! Did you send over a support ticket? I'll check into this for you and make sure its working. Some hosts may structure cPanel paths slightly different, we'll have to work on making sure everything works correct with all cpanel hosts.

  • Todd Dickerson

    Hey David, if you'd like us to post unique content for you its $1.80 per post. We also support what we call Automatic Content sources, similar to WP Direct. You can use this to automatically schedule and pull content from sources like Yahoo Answers and Youtube for free.

    Right now we support automatic integration with clickbank and amazon. I'm creating a tutorial now for creation of your own automatic content sources, you could use this to pull from any affiliate RSS feed.

  • Robin R

    The message above reflects stuff that needs documentation, as I think that I found the cPanel settings. There are two trouble tickets now from my boss' account about related issues. You'll take care of them as tickets are processed. I'm moving on with other sites while the two stalled ones remain as examples for you to examine. (I could poke and prod them to try to wake them up, but then you wouldn't have the chance to examine the situation.)

  • Robin R

    If you manually set up blogs, remember to make them SEO-friendly.

    Go to the WordPress themes directory and do a search for SEO. You'll be presented with dozens of SEO-oriented themes for download. I used several different ones, in case some search engines like some variations better than others.

    In your wp-admin controls, remember to go in to Settings>Privacy and make the blog be public so search engines are welcome. This will also enable outgoing pings when articles are posted. And in Settings>Permalink choose a URL format which includes the article name, as search engines seem to prefer words in the URLs.

  • Robin R

    Still waiting for that automatic content RSS tutorial. What I've tried hasn't produced anything, and there are no error messages to tell me that anything is wrong.

  • Robin R

    Still waiting for that automatic content RSS tutorial.

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