Blog Networks – Top 10 Rankings in 7 Days (or less)

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated you on the latest Blog Network strategies and what I’m doing to dominate markets for myself and my clients. So I put together a short 9 page PDF Report for you detailing my current strategies.

pdf Blog Networks   Top 10 Rankings in 7 Days (or less)

Download 10 in 7.pdf (opt-in now required)

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions regarding blog networks please post your comment below!

Todd Dickerson

  • Alexs Hansen

    You blog networks sounds like a good idea. But, what about the Google sandbox? New domains can take as long as 6 months before they get out of the gate?

  • Todd Dickerson

    Using this strategy I have not had a site stuck in the dreaded “sandbox” in years.

    Honestly from what I've seen people complain about on seo forums, what most webmasters get hurt by is not a universal Google sandbox but BAD on and off page SEO in the first place!

  • Long Term Care Insurance

    Great information Todd, thanks! I will be printing this out and re-reading it several times so I can get my own top 10 rankings.

  • Todd Dickerson

    Thanks! Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions!

  • aviva life insurance

    I just tried LinkVine and it was very disappointing. You submit content with links to his system and than some third party blog owners choose your content if they like it, or they pass it if they don't. Even worst, they can take content from you and change links. Essentially, you do not have guarantee neither that your content will be published, neither that your links will be retained. And you made that content with your money and time.

    In essence, in his business model you pay him $50 monthly, so that you can work for him without reward. Total idiot.

    Practically, when I invest my time/money to create content

    How does your blog net works?

    Do I have a guarantee that once my content and links are submitted they will:
    1) get published with links intact,
    2) get indexed on search engines?
    3) Do I get any kind of activity report: where it was published, was it indexed etc?

  • photoshop3d

    Do you build the blog networks using any kind of automated wordpress blog software or can anyone be able to perform these steps easily.

  • Todd Dickerson

    Hey our system is nothing like LinkVine, linkvine is a hosted blog network that you're basically renting access too. With you OWN your sites, your content, your links. You have full control. Take a look at the just posted Q&A video for a little more details.

  • Web Liquids

    great PDF. Thanks for it

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