Building Traffic through Articles

Article writing is one of the most time tested ways to build high quality backlinks and pagerank for your site no matter what the age or current ranking of the domain.

The basic concept is simple, write an article, submit it to article directories where other users pick up your article and post it on their websites which have (hopefully) similarly related themes.  As a result you’ll get high quality contextual backlinks from everyone that posts your article on their site… in a perfect world.  The problem is you wrote one article and as many as 100 people may have picked it up and shared it with the world on your site.  You think, “Great!  Thats 100 backlinks on pages with my article which is obviously related to my website!  Google will love it and the world will bow to my powerful and high ranking website!”… or not… in reality Google will most likely only keep about 5-10% of these articles indexed in their search results.  The rest are essentially disregarded and ignored.

Well the most obvious solution is of course… write more articles.  So I write 1 article and get 5 backlinks that Google counts, that’s still pretty good.  So lets write another 50 articles and now I’ll hopefully get 200-300 backlinks that Google wont throw out.  This works.  But how much does it cost to have 50 good articles written for your site?  $500?  $750?… $10/article is pretty good for a quality article.  You might get them for $5/article but I prefer someone that speaks English writing my articles.

I suggest there is another solution.

Spend a little more time (maybe 20 minutes per article) and run them through our upcoming article spinner, Spontaneous Content, absolutely free.

 First a quick Q&A:
Is this spam?  No, far from it.  It’s high quality content with normal grammer.
Does Google dislike this?  No, you’re still providing quality content, and now the content isn’t worthless and duplicate.  Google indexes and loves the content.  It’s worked for us for years now and it WORKS LIKE CRAZY.

When will it be released!?  We’re working on the public version now!  Send us your input to help me create the most useful content spinner out there.

Is this all Spontent is about? Noooooo, Don’t think this for a second!  This is simply our first free web application that we will be releasing as  This is the most simple application we’ll be releasing anytime soon.  It’s whole goal is to help you get ready for the power that Spontent puts in your hand.

We don’t want you to have to go out there and buy a ton of $200 programs to get the full advantage of the Sponsored Content Network.  We figure we can easily create free tools to do everything these other tools do and give them away to anyone interested in Spontent.  Why make you pay for stuff that we can easily make free?

Get ready to rule the search engines!

- Todd Dickerson aka Sponsored Content King

  • Tony

    Hi Todd,

    Thanks for the good information.

    I have seen the number of indexed articles diminish in Google first hand.

    If I had not tested and tracked it myself I would have drawn the conclusion that article marketing was not all that it’s cracked up to be.

    I look forward to testing your products and tracking the results. It looks like you’ve got a winner that should be able to make anyone’s article marketing efforts more productive.

  • Jane

    We have just used your ‘JetSpinner’ and I must say are absolutely thrilled! Extremely easy to use and saves an incredible amount of time. The trial really is a unique gift for anyone in the serious habit of writing articles. The viral marketing concept is limited in SE recognition of duplicated material,and to manually change each article to suit would take a tremendous amount of time and effort, let alone to individually submit each article!
    I’m off to write more articles for our website!

  • Chandler

    Excellent tool Mr. Todd. I’ve yet to utilize the JetSubmitter but I’m anticipating it to be pretty cool as well. If you guys could implement that Ajax thesaurus that would very useful and seriously put you ahead of the competition. One thing I can recommend is this: When you implement this tool it should have a “personal” setting that shows you all the synonyms you’ve used for a particular word (say the one you’ve highlighted). But to be extra cool, you should be able to toggle to a “Global Thesaurus” that shows you what everyone else has used for that same word. Instead of just showing you generic synonyms that could be found on, it shows you what others have brainstormed. This would be useful for building a tool that is extremely powerful for everyone.

  • rjgopal1

    I couldn’t agree more, Chandler. It is the competition that drives Todd and us both. A thesaurus sure puts jetspinner ahead of competition. I have tried this spinner this morning and it was magical. But what I noticed with this was more the copes you set to spin out lesser the uniqueness it returns. I think it has got more to do with the number of alternate words we provide, so the application must be completely alright.

    I am waiting for the result of JetSubmitter.

    Alevoor Rajagopal

  • tumbletots

    Your software is a wham of a help,I came across this product of yours during the same time I was wondering how to maximize the effort of article writing.

    Sure this qualifies as a Heaven sent tool for making us efficient than before,imagine the output of a hundred to a thousandfold with just one article.

    More Power Mr.Todd..

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  • Empower

    What I have read of this software of yours is very welcome to me. This software will change the way articles are written and consumed. Keep up your good work. See what I have done at

  • Michael Rad

    Just tried the Spinner on one of my Aston martin article introductions. People will think I’m affiliated with the site if I express exactly what I think of this tool :) – so I might as well just shut up! Seriously speaking, this looks like the perfect tool to avoid content duplication penalties while investing only a fraction of the time it would take to do it “by hand”.

    I’m probably going to try the submission offer as well, but for now I’m just going to test the content creation capabilities of the program.

    Thanks for keeping it free!

    Michael Rad

  • Ken

    Hi Todd,

    Does articlespinner have a connection to public domain sites like ? This is what websitecontent wizard has according to their website and it may help people create better articles. I’m also trying to decide on whether to buy your directory submitter or just stay with the service and

  • Pellerin

    I agree that this program has potential.

    Perhaps the product is what makes flexible content more reference-ready.

    Linda Pellerin

  • Jeff


    i am currently using the trial of jetspinner, but i can already see what a great application this is for getting backlinks etc…

    jetspinner is intuitive and extremely easy to use. i will be subscribing to the full service.

    thanx for a great product!

  • Gregory Burrus

    Hi Just trialed the writing software and submitted my first article.
    On Jet submitter – I am am article marketer user like above and this does seem to be easier to use . However I do not see here I would get the same statistics as Article marketer.

    That said, the capability of creating article and then having multiple variations ia awesome and is very easy to do. I find that capability very user friendly since i do it offline nd then cut and pasted it back in. After initial use, it doesn’t take much to start adding in the variations suggested in the training guide.
    So far I like it.
    Thanks for Software

  • Fariba Zargar

    FREE? What unique concept… In a world where you pay 20 bucks only to recieve an E-Book that is nothing more than a sales letter for another sales letter and so on. My hat’s off to you for this wonderful tool. Writing articles about dental insurance and dental plans has become a breeze.

    May your smile be bright

  • cheapweb

    I think this looks really good and I am just beginning to get into writing my first article.
    I think to write a good article using the system you have to change the way you approach it.
    Everyone below that are talking about synonyms are absolutely Spot on.
    Is takes a quite bit of thinking outside the BOX if you were to generate so many different words.

  • richard norman

    All well and good, but if spun articles really work it wont take google long to figure out a way to nulify spun articles.

  • Todd

    If you spin an article properly there is no difference, to a human or a computer and therefor nothing to nullify or catch.