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Article Spinning with Data merge & Jetspinner

One of the very cool features that makes Jetspinner unique (besides simply being the free article spinner with more users and more features than any article spinning system on the planet) is our data merge function. It’s rarely talked about but is extremely powerful. It works by using an .CSV file (Excel, etc) with columns [...]

Free Article Spinner

Our free article spinner has now been around for almost 3 years! It’s undergone a large number of changes in that time but all the initial power still remains. Our article spinner is extremely simple to use and completely white-hat! No tricks or black-hat stuff here, simply provide your original article, then provide a few [...]

Utilizing Jetspinner to get top Squidoo Rankings

Tip: You do not always need to promote just your main site through Jetspinner + Jetsubmitter article marketing.  Try promoting your Web 2.0 profiles, pages, and even other article listings! I stumbled upon an interesting post today when working on Squidoo marketing… Kristen @ FemininePerspective talks about how she pulls off top 100 & number [...]

Jetsubmitter down for a few hours

Jetspinner+Jetsubmitter will be down for a few hours while we do some backups and updates on the server. When we come back up I’ve got a few cool improvements for you: The first of which is a change to the Manually Adding Site Logins page which allows you to edit your existing logins easily; As [...]

Jetspinner and Jetsubmitter are public!

Jetspinner and Jetsubmitter are both now public. You can read more about the release @ Or start using Jetspinner 100% @ – Todd Dickerson

Jetspinner prepares for public release

Jetspinner is almost ready for public release. If you’d like to be part of the first group of members you need to join the notification list @ Jetsubmitter will also be releasing with Jetspinner but will require membership in Jetspinner before being available. There have been a good number of updates with Jetspinner and [...]

Public Article Repository

Now when you post an article you can provide a link back to your article repository where interested webmasters can instantly have a unique version of your article spun for their own personal website. This makes it easier for webmasters to use your articles and get ranked for them and provides you with even MORE [...]

Outsource your spun articles

Today we’ve added support for having your article spinning outsourced. You’ll be able to focus more on your business and less on writing articles! This new feature makes it easy to share articles between users and manage projects.

New cool feature

We’re nearing the public release of and is progressing nicely. One of our beta testers presented a very powerful idea today, which I’m not positive he realized how great it was at first even.  But you’ll be able to take and explode your efforts more then I was even doing now!  Every person [...]

Jetspinner Beta progress

The Beta is going extremely well.  A few small bugs have been weeded out but overall things look wonderful. I’ve also completed a Data Merge feature which is very cool.  You can take a CSV database file with information regarding similar items with different specs and pull these specs and details into the article all [...]