JetConvo Preview Video & Surprise

I’m pretty excited, I just finished putting together a preview video for our newest tool, JetConvo, showing how simple I’ve managed to make JetConvo to setup and use!

But that’s not all, in the spirit of our other Jet Tools I’ve decided to release JetConvo with a free edition along side the full blown version! The free edition will have some limitations as to the number of posts/day, etc, but its perfect for someone just starting out online who has no kind of startup capital.

The Full Edition on the other hand can handle up to 5000 posts per day, unlimited posts per forum, and full customization of all options!

You can check out the preview video now at

Also be sure to join the early notification list if you have not done so yet. I’m using this list to get a grasp on the number of users to expect on launch day. I will be letting the early notification list members join first to ensure that there isn’t too much stress on the server on launch day. Then a couple of days later JetConvo will likely be made available to everyone else. I’ve been testing with a small group of beta testers but I want to ensure the highest quality application possible which means releasing to small groups at a time. Not only this but those on the notification list will have the first shot at fast mover bonuses that are waiting.

So go to now to join the notification list and check out the preview video.

  • Debby

    I use your JetSubmitter and love it. Are you going to come out with some kind of software that will submit websites to directories? That would be really beneficial to me.


  • Don

    Hey, are you going to release JetConvo anytime soon? All the promo activity is great but a product would be better .

  • todd

    You’ll be getting some more details and a release date very soon if you’re on the notification list.

  • Eric

    awesome job – trying it out now!

  • Candice

    Congratualtions on being up and running. I use phpbb3
    so I hope you will enable that soon.

  • todd

    Hey Candice, just added IPB and SMF support. vB, phpBB3 and Joomla support are being tested and implemented now. Hopefully they will all be active by public release.

  • todd

    Also all users on the notification list have had a chance to join early. Public launch will be soon!

  • Candice

    Glad I returned to see the good news, Todd. Thank you. You are a busy one.

  • lilla

    Hi! I’m tried out Jetcombo and I’m satisfied. Great job! But I dont understand well how can I have true benefit from running an “automated forum”? A forum such this newer become a higher PR site or I’m wrong?
    Plese help me understand the real effect and the best usage of this service.
    Sorry for the newbie question.