JetConvo + SMF & vBulletin & IPB

It’s official!

JetConvo has now added support for SMF, vBulletin, and IPB (along with the original phpBB2 support)!

Our public release will support all current versions of phpBB2, SMF, vBulletin, and IPB.

forumtype JetConvo + SMF & vBulletin & IPB
It’s even possible that we’ll have Joomla and phpBB3 support finished up for launch day. But no promises.

Also the public release will be extremely soon. Keep an eye out on your inbox for early next week, really early.

Thanks for everyone’s support thus far!

  • Ed

    Can’t wait for this. You guys make amazing software and I’m sure this will be just as good as the rest.

  • Nathan Scrivener

    Interesting product. Does Jetconvo work with vBulletin combined with vbSEO?

  • Jason

    I’m getting this error message when I try to spin an article…

    Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 290 seconds exceeded in /home/spontent/public_html/spinner/submitarticle_content.php on line 160

    I’ve been trying for the last 8 hours.


  • Scott


    Any chance that JetConvo would work with DotNetNuke Forum software?


  • victoria

    I signed up for and would like to test jetconvo to see if it will work for me but need to change the domain I signed up with.

    How can I do that or must I sign up a second time?
    Are you still offering support for this package?


  • Wookie

    I suggest you look into fireboard as well. It is fast becoming the forum system of choice for Joomla users.

  • davernginzks

    I’ve recently joined and wanted to introduce myself :)

  • forexguy

    Hello All,

    I am new here and just wanted to introduc myself.

    I have a few questions but I will first search for the answers before asking them just in case they have been asnwered.