Jetsubmitter 2.0 Status

I just wanted to let everyone know I haven’t fallen asleep behind the upgrade… in fact I’ve barely slept at all since yesterday icon smile Jetsubmitter 2.0 Status

So far everything looks to have transfered correctly but I’m running final tests on all the new sites I added in.

Once they’ve completed and everything checks out then we’ll be good to go.  I’m hoping tonight/tomorrow.



  • ben

    Sleeping on the job eh. :)

    Keep us posted with what’s up…

    Thanks. This is one of the best things that ever happened online. Keep it up!

  • todd

    Thanks Ben, I wish I was sleeping right now! I think I’m going to try to get a couple hours of sleep and then be awake during the first day to make sure nothing comes up.

  • IC

    I really like all the improvements! Thank You!.

    I was wondering … the list of accounts I have open is 391 and after the upgrade there are 470 sites… so how do I create an account with those additional sites WITHOUT changing my login info for the other accounts?

  • todd

    Thanks! What you’ll want to do is use the new auto account creation, it will only attempt to create accounts at the sites it is unable to login to.

  • IC

    ….I tried to submit an article a couple of hours ago and the status says “active” but the “submitted and failed” columns still show 0 … the submission seems to be stalled.

    On the previous version after I started a submission the “submitted” and “failed” columns would show some numbers a few minutes after I pressed Jetsubmit … Any ideas???

  • IC

    June 8, NOTICE: Due to the huge number of people using auto account creation in a short period of time, account submissions are backed-up 48 hours. If you receive unknown submission errors or a large number of login/site errors it is likely due to this. We’re working non-stop to smooth things out, speed things up, and handle the huge load.

    …That explains a lot…

  • Article Site Owner/Publisher

    Your service has added /- 50 new ‘authors’ to my site. That, in and of itself, is a welcome thing. What is not welcome is the manner in which the articles are starting to arrive.

    1. No consideration for the fact that I run niche directories and have no interest in, for example, SEO or Buying A Computer stories. Uncategorized article submissions are time wasters and equivalent to SPAM.
    2. Since the articles are “spun” I get multiple versions of the same unwanted, uncategorized article.
    3. The Author name in the “By:” section does not match the resource box at the end of the article. Are these articles original?

    A bad execution on this new product could have unwanted results quickly. Read Articles Dashboard Forum or Article Friendly Forum and see how quickly a service making publishers lives difficult is dismissed.

    Kindly clean up this process or I will be required to delete the registration of all authors coming from on my multiple Article Directories.

    Thank You

  • todd

    Hey, Thanks for your concerns.

    1 – We give users the option to only submit to a site if it has the category they have chosen or to allow it to submit as uncategorized.

    2 – This is not the case, an author must spend hours on a single article to prepare it for submission, a variation of each article is submitted to your directory only once.  Because this article is spun it not only is more beneficial to the user because of its uniqueness its more beneficial to you the directory owner, its not an exact copy of the 400+ other article submissions sent out with that one project and stands a great chance of being indexed in Google as unique content.
    3 – Users have the option of creating new pen names to match their resource boxes, if they’re not creating a pen name to match the resource box its simply user laziness. As for the articles being original, we have no control of what articles users submit with our service, the same as article announcer, article submitter, APR, or any of the old generation of submission systems.

    Also only about 3-5% of our users have email addresses so this wouldn’t be much of a solution for your directories, if you’d like to email me directly with further suggestions I’d be happy to make sure all the owners of the directories we submit to are happy.

    Todd Dickerson
    todd @

  • Article Site Owner2

    I also am noticing alot of Authors coming from

    I have been monitoring the author status and ALL authors coming from this domain are NOT confirming their registration and have NOT submitted any articles??

    While the service sounds good you are offering the execution looks as it is still being worked on.

    I hope my site isn’t being used as a test for you new service and will monitor you progress in the meantime.

    As for the spinner…I did try it out and looks good on the surface..But I feel that articles would need to be thoroughly reworded/spun to pass. The product is great but not all authors would be diligent enough to thoroughly spin articles, which could harm submissions rather than help.

    Regardless, I wish you all the best with your products and will keep a close eye on submissions.

  • todd


    What site do you own? We have 817 sites in our database but only 470 of them are active because the others do not send activation emails to us or have some type of site errors. If yours is one of these I’d love to get the issue resolved. I assume it must be, because we’re sending out hundreds of articles daily.

    No sites are being used as tests :-) All testing is done with the account username [email protected] (feel free to delete it if you wish).

    The spinner isn’t designed to be used for rewording PLR or other articles. It’s designed to take an article that you were planning on distributing to article directories and instead of sending out 470 of the exact same article to 470 directories, you’ll send out a spun version that’s 30% unique from the others to each of the 470 directories. This results in the individual articles having a much better chance at passing Google’s duplicate content filter and actually showing as backlinks.

    I’m sure you know when a user submits an article to your directory and 400 others with something such as Article Marketer, the chances of it actually showing in Google are very slim – this hurts the user because it was worthless to submit to you SEO wise, and it hurts your site because the new article has no ranking in the SERPS.

    Let me know if you have any other questions or suggestions, the previous Article Site Owner that posted had some great ideas that I’ve already implemented on the back-end!


  • Article Site Owner2

    Appreciate your input Todd :)

    It shows you are on the ball and I will be mailing you shortly with some details.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Christopher Phillips

    Hi Todd

    I would just like to make a comment on JetSpinner.
    It is one of the greatest tools I have come across.
    I didn’t know what syntax was until I saw your product.At first I was bewildered. After playing with it for 5-10 minutes I got the hang of it . In no time I was turning out 999 completely different articles. I must admit I spent a lot of time inputting as many synonyms and secondary phrases as possible. But it was worth the effort to see the result. How long would it take me to write 999 different articles?
    One point for users, you must put a space between brackets ie {dog} {ran} if you want a space. But there is no need for a space between the bar ie dog|ran. I did a whole article before I discovered this and had to redo all the spaces.
    I reiterate this product is a real winner and I am amazed you are are letting it be used for free!!!
    I haven’t used JetSubmit yet and I do not want to until you are sure its A1 but if its as good as JetSpinner I can’t wait to see it in action.

    Cheers Todd

    Christopher Phillips

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  • Ben

    There is ALWAYS going to be idiots, morons, lazy asses, and other less than admirable indivisuals that will abuse anything online. Be it articles, black hat SEO, PPC scams, Myspace scams, etc.

    I agree most people that buy PLR articles like complete idiots don’t spin them at least 30%. Most people by nature are just too lazy to pay someone to rewrite the PLR articles, articles they personally wrote, or buy software and use it properly. Thus article directory owners like the one on this blog get upset! I

    In all honesty most all spinning software is total crap or takes hours to spin and submit just one article. This of course defeats the entire purpose of buying spinning software or hiring spinners to save you the marketer time and money.

    My two cents : )

  • Freddie

    I am new and looking for directions on attaching data to an article spin. I read a few details but would like more direction. I could not get the camtasia videos to play. Would love some help.

  • Areeb

    Is it just me or is the AJAX thesaurus not working? I can’t seem to figure out how to get it to work!

    Oh and you know what would be a great idea? Creating a publicly accessible “jet spun” article repository where you can get all the unique content your heart desires (submitted by jetspinner users of course) with the click of a “get unique version” link.

  • mediaonepro

    I've emailed you and sent you SUPPORT REQUEST numerous times and have received only ONE response and it gave me the wrong answer, as though you didn't bother to fully read my email.
    I've contacted Paypal and I'm getting frustrated at being ignored after you've happily charged my credit card TWICE.
    I need resolution and quick as this is VERY POOR business and I'm beginning to assume scam.

  • Todd Dickerson

    Mediaonepro, it appears all tickets older then 72 hours have been answered, I have no idea what your email address, username, ticketid, anything is so I can't speak to your specific issue. If you provide it or submit a new ticket I can let you know.

    Also if you emailed me directly, my personal email address is not for support requests. You should receive an auto response explaining to submit support tickets at (found by clicking the support link on any site page).

    Of course that said if you would like a refund a single support ticket is all that is required, no explanations, etc needed.

  • mediaonepro

    Transaction date: Aug 24, 2009
    Transaction time: 05:41:49 PDT
    Funding source: Credit Card
    Subscription number: S-95Y9620315171783J

    is the account that I would like to have refunded please. The other account that I have opened with the $1 trial period can stay active. Please send me the user/pass for the active account. thank you.

  • mediaonepro


    Now my login doesn't work. What are you guys doing to my account? This is very frustrating.

    I have setup an article submission project and commenced it.

    Everything was fine the past two days. Now I can't login!

    Why did my account suddenly stop??


  • Todd Dickerson

    Your account login is working for username mediaonepro, please try now.

  • sandy

    Hi Iam a new user subscribed for the free 30 day free trial; please let me know after 30 days can I discontinue the service; or is there a way I can cancel my registration now.