Jetsubmitter down for a few hours

Jetspinner+Jetsubmitter will be down for a few hours while we do some backups and updates on the server.

When we come back up I’ve got a few cool improvements for you:

  • The first of which is a change to the Manually Adding Site Logins page which allows you to edit your existing logins easily; As well as being able to view the current registration status accurately for each site we submit to.
  • The next is a update to the Auto Account creation process. After negotiations and discussions with a large number of directory owners and Jetsubmitter users we’ve decided the best solution for auto registration is to use something that still allows directory owners to email and notify the users who used our auto registration system. As a result we’re going to be switching over to having users create forwarders on their domain to their Spontent email address. We’ll register at all the sites with your forwarder that you setup, keeping the use of Spontent anonymous, the sites will send activation emails to your forward which comes to us, we’ll activate your accounts, and when registration is complete you can simply switch your forwarder back to your personal email address and receive emails and notifications from directory owners as always.  This will increase the success rates on activations and submissions as well as helping you to keep up with your article progress at various sites.

  • Misha

    Great improvements Todd!

    I’m going to give it a try, and I’ll let you know if I see any bad things along the way :)

    Regards, Misha

  • Ras

    Anxiously waiting for the improvements. You are doing a tremendous job. Keep it up.