Little too popular… Sorry for the slowdowns!

Hey guys,

I want to apologize for the slowdowns we’ve been experiencing. The update we did this month has been almost a little too popular! Our servers have simply not been able to keep up, even maxing out the ram. We’re working on some major database and site optimizations and rolling out some additional servers just for database storage to take out that bottle neck.

I actually have not even been able to e-mail inactive users yet to let them know about the updates in fear of grinding everything to a dead stop.

Once these optimizations are completed I’ll be rolling out the other awesome stuff mentioned in the previous post!

Thanks for understanding!

P.S. Last I checked, Google has already indexed 3,840 pages of our new “Public Article Repository”. That’s at least another 3,840 links going to you guys’ sites (on top of normal submissions to other directories)!… Expect another 40,000 or so over the next month or 2 icon smile Little too popular... Sorry for the slowdowns!

  • Todd Dickerson

    Performance continues to improve with optimizations. is now faster then its EVER been. We still have a few bottlenecks that will be removed before rolling out a huge list of new features and improvements as well as Pro version that is guaranteed to get even more impressive results.

  • Todd Dickerson

    Updates pouring in… off loaded some heavy front end tasks that were slowing you down to the back end so your experience is faster when creating projects and account projects. Also pagination is now live, you'll notice only 10 projects/articles/etc are listed per page at a time.

    Lots of other stuff changed behind the scenes but all that means for you is a faster and better experience.

  • rayden1980


    could you please group all these services (spinner, submitter, checker etc.) into one single program and domain name (for example or something) to make it easier for people to navigate through all of them??

    else, i am not sure exactly how much is the paid membership of any of these – submitter, spinner etc – or even if there is a paid one for all or any of them cause i stopped using these great tools some time ago but i would rather pay a single fee for all of them and find them all in one place rather than saving 4 or 5 logins and pay separately :p

    anyway, like i said i stopped using your services for quite some time now and I used others instead over the last couple of years but none of these reduced my work considerably.

    giving that english is not my native language and due to the fact that i always prefer quality over quantity, it takes me about 2 or 3 hours to rewrite a simple, 450 words PLR article (correctly and that makes sense obviously) and then submit a spun version of it to 10-15 top article directories using various anchor texts, different resource boxes etc., so as you can see i really need a good submitter and yours seems to be the one I am looking for (at least as i could understand from your updates)

    anyway, to make a long story short, here are my concerns:

    1. put all these services under one domain name/ program so that we can find them easily (seriously, i have accounts with jetspinner, jetsubmitter, jetsubmitter2, humanspinner and i think i have an account with spontent or something similar too. Too many and too confusing for me :p)
    I would love to go to a simple website, login into my account and see 3 or 4 big menu buttons there that will take me to whatever service i need to use at that moment.

    2. if possible, always focus on quality over quantity (especially nowadays when google started to decrease the value of links coming from article directories)

    what i mean is that you make a thesaurus of less words but that are very common and that make sense for most of the topics

    The same goes with article directories: 20-30 but high value and highly trafficed “dofollow” article directories will always return better results than 600 unknown and 0 or no PR directories

    3. and last but not least, the fee: could you please lower it so that other people like me (an unemployed Romanian guy) could afford it?

    I must admit that i have no clue what these tools cost right now but i also know that I can not afford to pay more than $50 or so per month for article marketing tools (at least not for now, although I really am aware of the value and time/energy saving power they offer)

    thanks and good luck with the developments


  • MartyOA

    Hi Todd I mentioned to Matt that the ability to view all submissions on the one page was really good but now that you have gone to only 10 per page makes it really hard to view the results. I was able to cut and paste the results into Excel before, now it is virtually impossible with over 90 pages to view. I requested of Matt to see if this can be changed back or have the ability to see as many as you want at once OR be able to download a CSV copy of all the submissions. Hope you can do something here.

  • Todd Dickerson

    Let me see if I can create an export to csv option that would help out.

  • Todd Dickerson

    Hey John, I do plan actually to migrate Humanspinner and the other tools into asap. Right now Jetsubmitter is $47/mo, unlimited articles, unlimited submissions. Humanspinner is pay per sentence, $0.12 per variation.

    Trust me, combining and streamlining everything for new users is my #1 priority after I finish these feature updates that the current users need!

    Thanks for the great suggestions!

  • MartyOA

    I am unable to log in with IE. I can with Firefox. This is the error message I get.

    “The change you wanted was rejected.
    Maybe you tried to change something you didn't have access to”

  • Todd Dickerson

    Version? Windows XP/Vista/7? Thanks!

  • MartyOA


  • MartyOA

    Yep csv option would be good, but option to quickly view on screen all listings at once would be good too

  • Todd Dickerson

    Try again with IE and let me know if you still have the issue, think I found a fix. It was caused by an IE security issue.

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