More Autoblogger Q&A (Cheap Class-C IP Hosting, For Non-Bloggers, vs MyArticleNetwork / Linkvana, & Launch)

Quick answers to some questions and comments that just came in…

A couple people said they weren’t into blogging and didn’t think
Autoblogger really applied to them, but that’s the beauty of
Autoblogger… it’s perfect for people who are NOT into blogging because
it does all the writing for you. You get the killer benefits of having
blogs in your niche that promote your money sites but don’t have to do the
work to manage the blogs.

Another question was regarding how Autoblogger differs from Article and
Blog Networks such as MyArticleNetwork, and Linkvana… While both these
services give users access to pre-created networks for backlinks, they’re
shared among many users. Autoblogger Blog Networks are YOURS, you OWN
them. Even if you stop using Autoblogger! You can essentially use
Autoblogger to create your own private Linkvana, Blog Network, or Article

One great question that came in was regarding Blog Network hosting. When
hosting your own blog network you want to use a number of unique class-c
ip addresses. Basically this means servers in different locations so its
not obvious all sites in the network are owned by the same person.
Class-C IP hosting like this can get expensive but I’ve worked out a deal
where Autoblogger users will be able to get 30 unique class-C ip addresses
hosted for about $35/month… search around for SEO Hosting and you’ll see
this is a ridiculously low price, others charge up to $10/mo per IP.

And the most common question that I got was, if I may paraphrase, “When
can I get my mits on it!?” The answer there is very soon, like I
mentioned at the end of the video Autoblogger has been closed to new users
for a while now but I will be opening up for new members very soon. I’ve
not yet set a date but we’re looking at the end of this week or early next
hopefully. If you’re on the priority waiting list then you’ll be the
first to find out.

Todd Dickerson

  • Tracy

    OK let’s try this again. I somehow replied to the wrong post a minute ago, lol!

    $35 for 3 C-class IPs is an amazing deal. I was looking last week and the best I found was a mere 5 for $30.


  • Todd

    No kidding Tracy, the only major disadvantage is they do not provide WHM access so adding new accounts requires an email to support but they’ve been great so far. I’ll provide details for everyone after launch.

  • Todd

    Another question came in by email, and no the class-c hosting will not be part of the Autoblogger subscription fee. It will be separate, its not my company, just a web host I’ve found and use for blog networks.


  • Prepaid_Cell_Phone_Guy

    This is an interesting idea. Getting a bunch of different ip addresses for all my related blogs.


  • jamesbriggs

    Indianets gets a lot of false positives when it comes to security alerts. That would be ok if it didn't ban legitimate visitors. I've had to get my Ip address white listed just to login to my sites.

    At first I thought it was just me, but now autoblogger itself is being blocked!

  • Todd Dickerson

    Have you contacted Indiannet's support regrading the issue? Any word from them?

    Can you show me an example of what you're talking about?
    What exactly is banning the legitimate visitors? The browser/server/etc?

  • judymiller

    Well,Different C Class IP hosting aids Search Engine Optimisation techniques by allowing SEO professionals to begin a blog network for building a large amount of high-value one way backlinks.

  • photoshop3d

    For anyone who wants to start an automatic blog wordpress is the best choice for building it on because of their vast network of plugins and features.

  • markwitt

    Is this like setting up an automated wordpress blog network because if so I'm in.

  • Todd Dickerson

    Hey Mark, that's exactly what it is. Autoblogger automates not only posting of content from RSS feed sources, but posting of UNIQUE content to make sure Google knows your site is a unique, quality site (not a scraped site like everyone else auto creates).

    Using link lists you can easily have your sites auto rotate links and implement strategies such as the “Ranking Loophole”

  • Sridhar

    The other trend is hosting several blogs in multiple ip addresses. This is called SEO Hosting. When you host multiple blogs on different ip addresses, it helps to get backlinks from different ip addresses and this will enhance your ranking.