New Jetspinner “Smart” Thesaurus & Jetsubmitter 2.0 Updates

The other day I sent out an email to current and past JetSpinner users and asked you to let me know exactly what you wanted to see changed or updated in JetSpinner and Jetsubmitter…

Well you’ve spoken and I’ve done my best to incorporate as much as possible in an update that goes live today!

While I’ve got some really big features and updates coming soon, Today’s updates include virtually all of the most requested features from the past 2 years.

00000042 New Jetspinner Smart Thesaurus & Jetsubmitter 2.0 Updates

General Updates

  • New Interface & Site Design – The most obvious change, has been redesigned in preperation for the coming updates.
  • Public Article Directory – The first version of our public article directory is now online providing access to unique versions of all articles ever submitted with Jetsubmitter! This directory is sure to soon grow to one of the highest pagerank and most powerful online. No one else can even come close to offering anything of this caliber, our huge database of seed articles is unmatched. Unique content for site owners just got easier than ever and unique content distribution is about to be taken to a new level. (Simply delete the related submission project if you no longer want to share an article)

Jetspinner Updates

  • “Smart” AJAX-Based Thesaurus – Simply put, I’ve added a thesaurus to Jetspinner that operates in your web-browser (with no software downloads) that LEARNS from you and the other Jetspinner users.

    The thesaurus decides what synonyms you’ll most likely be happy with and displays them first. It even learns new words, phrases, and sentences from you and other users! This undoubtedly makes Jetspinner the most powerful free article spinner ever created.

Jetsubmitter Updates

  • Multiple Account Profiles – Every paid Jetsubmitter account can now create multiple Account Profiles. Account Profiles store unique logins and passwords for article directories. Now you can submit articles for multiple websites using different accounts!
  • Site Groups – Now you can create site groups that contain only the sites you want to submit to… you can finally once again submit only to the directories you want!
  • Fixed/Added more sites
  • Todd Dickerson

    btw, there maybe a little downtime or just slow downs today as the new updates take effect! Thanks for understanding!

  • Todd Dickerson

    Things look to be running faster then ever! Try out the new AJAX Thesaurus! Let me know what you think!

  • d

    I have an article already spun and ready, and I want to just blast it through your service once (no monthly subscription).

    I went through all of your sites and yet I can not find any contact details, so I am trying this.

  • Todd Dickerson

    Hey d, We currently don't offer any type of pay per submission system, but we do have a 30 day trial at that you can cancel in your Paypal account at anytime (you don't even need to contact us like most companies' 30 day trials). Thanks!

  • Jim

    I cancelled about a month ago as I was so disillusioned with the slowness and limitations of the service at $30 ish a month.

    I might well take another look now.

  • Todd Dickerson

    Thanks Jim, feel free to do a 30 day trial at

    This week also brings a huge number performance updates. Most of these changes took effect early this month but could not be announced until we could scale to support more users and speed things up. We expect we're there now, I'm watching things closely and will add additional servers as needed.

  • Ben Pate

    It would be nice to have the CSV import feature working again on JetSpinner. I have been looking for other spinners with this functionality and cant find any. Thanks!

  • Todd Dickerson

    Someone else just mentioned that to me today also. I'll spend some time tonight and see if I can find what's causing the issue for some.

  • Todd Dickerson

    Just got data merge fixed up! Submissions randomly select a row to use and zip files rotate through rows in order. If you would, after you try it out please shoot me an email (just reply to the update email if you'd like) and let me know how it works for you.

  • LisaSEO

    Todd, I would love for you to do a screencast on csv uploads. Bring in all the juicy details. I just don't get it

  • Todd Dickerson

    Hey Lisa, I'll put together a demo screencast showing how it works and potential uses then post it here on the blog, hopefully tomorrow!