New tools on the horizon

A little while back I asked if you could benefit from additional link building systems, a number of members responded with input and as a result Sponlinks has been born.

Sponlinks will be made available in multiple stages.

The first of which is a powerful and automated article exchange system that uses spun articles from Jetspinner to place your articles on other member websites. The benefit here is immediate and powerful. Your articles appear on traditional websites beyond article directories on a time release basis, gaining quality targeted back-links and increasing your search engine rankings and exposure.

The second part is a revolutionary organic linking system that has never been seen or done before. It will only be made available to a limited number of members and a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) will be required.
Members who join the article exchange will be given the first opportunity to join the limited closed beta.

The third stage will be revealed in the near future. Suffice it to say it’s related closely to the linking system and has the power to change the link building landscape.

There will only be a limited number of members accepted into the system initially and even fewer into the closed beta that is coming up in a week or so. If you’re interested in Sponlinks you need to signup for the early notification list @ ASAP. Beta opportunities will be given in the order of notification list sign-up with few exceptions. If you believe I should make an exception for you, post a comment here and let me know why (Ex: Do you have multiple sites across different IPs to help test with? Do you have experience beta testing applications? Do you always want to stay on the cutting edge of online marketing?).

Keep in mind this is not a free beta, I’m only looking for serious website owners that understand costs involved in succeeding online and are ready to take their search engine rankings to the next level.

Want to be one of the first to use Sponlinks?
Join the early notification and priority waiting list now.



Todd Dickerson


JetConvo has been updated to also work with phpBB3.

Jetsubmitter and Jetspinner are undergoing complete rebuilds in Ruby on Rails
Jetspinner will soon have the ability to outsource the creation of your spinning variations. Another words, you decide if you want every sentence, or every paragraph spun, and how many times per, then we have each one rewritten by a human and returned to you for approval. Simply accepting the variation adds it into your Jetspinner syntax. The whole process is extreme fast, efficient, and affordable.

And possibly most exciting… Support now has a new full-time staff member on board! Brett can be reached at – he’s still being trained on the ins and the outs of handling the system but this should greatly reduce support response times for all our tools.

  • Dave

    Hi Todd,

    Just got your email.

    I’m interested in something like this for my clients however, there’s no way I could get them to post other people’s articles on their sites. (They are quite high profile clients, you’ve probably heard of some of them.)

    What are the alternatives?

    To give you an idea of my available resources:

    I’m currently building my own sites across different IPs (these are completely separate from my client’s sites), they don’t all have cpanel or WHM but some do and I’m adding the number of sites I have on a consistent basis. These sites have pagerank 2,3,4,5 and have age in Google and I’m expanding on my portfolio as we speak.

    I’m interested in the beta and seeing how we could possibly make things work somehow. I think this would give me more leverage and allow me to get even greater results for my clients. I’m eager to expand on my current linking methods.

    Ping me back on my email when you get a chance.


  • Roger Davis

    Hi Todd,

    I’ve signed up to your list – as requested, I’d like to request admission to the closed beta by posting here – in my favour I’ll mention I have 150 sites, many with PR across 5 IPs. I’m also a customer and advocate of jetspinner/submitter (especially) and jetconvo. And I’m sure I can give the new system a good workout and find new and interesting ways to break it. (Just kidding, sort of).



  • todd

    Hey Dave, I’m sure a number of other people have this same issue. In fact I have this issue on some of my sites, so… the way the system is designed the site receiving incoming links does not have to be the same site hosting the articles/links. Additionally phase 2 of the system will allow straight purchase of links from users who would like to earn money hosting articles/links.

    Roger, Thanks for your support in the past. Please join the list on if you have not already and I’ll make sure you’re in phase 1 of the beta testing.

  • Empower

    hello Todd,
    Count me in on the beta.
    I have already registered.
    I hope to do greater things with leverage from your creations.
    Count me in and thanks for a great opportunity.

  • Ahari

    Hi Todd,

    I just got your e-mail.

    I signed in on your website, and i would like to participate this Beta testing.

    I have 200 websites (with 0 – 7 PR) on more than 30 IP’s.


  • todd

    Just a quick update. There are a few hundred people on the beta waiting list. If you’re not yet on it I recommend signing up so you’re the first to know when more positions open.

    The first 100 on the list will be given a chance to register in the next few days.

    Keep an eye out for an email with details.

  • Mike

    This is great! I recently purchased a dedicated server to expand my VRE with more sites. Setting up new websites with spinned articles from other members and building one way links could be BIG!

    I would be happy to help in beta.

  • Dan Farrell

    Hi Todd,

    I sent an email to you but was redirected to jetpacked which doens’t open in browser so I decided to post here as well :o )

    I have 100 sites with some PR4 and 10 IP’s. I’ve used competitive programs (contentspooling for mos) and am a prolific writer/author.

    I used forums on sites before without too much success (time factor limited) and would like to beta your software.

    Let me know.

    [email protected]