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Article Spinning with Data merge & Jetspinner

One of the very cool features that makes Jetspinner unique (besides simply being the free article spinner with more users and more features than any article spinning system on the planet) is our data merge function. It’s rarely talked about but is extremely powerful.

It works by using an .CSV file (Excel, etc) with columns of attributes and rows of specific items then selecting a row and using the attributes of that item throughout a specific version of the article. Sound kind of confusing? That’s probably why more people dont’ use it, but it’s really quite simple so I’ve created a 3 minute video showing exactly how to get it done!

Todd Dickerson

P.S. Like it? Love it? Leave a comment and let me know!

Little too popular… Sorry for the slowdowns!

Hey guys,

I want to apologize for the slowdowns we’ve been experiencing. The update we did this month has been almost a little too popular! Our servers have simply not been able to keep up, even maxing out the ram. We’re working on some major database and site optimizations and rolling out some additional servers just for database storage to take out that bottle neck.

I actually have not even been able to e-mail inactive users yet to let them know about the updates in fear of grinding everything to a dead stop.

Once these optimizations are completed I’ll be rolling out the other awesome stuff mentioned in the previous post!

Thanks for understanding!

P.S. Last I checked, Google has already indexed 3,840 pages of our new “Public Article Repository”. That’s at least another 3,840 links going to you guys’ sites (on top of normal submissions to other directories)!… Expect another 40,000 or so over the next month or 2 icon smile Little too popular... Sorry for the slowdowns!

New Jetspinner “Smart” Thesaurus & Jetsubmitter 2.0 Updates

The other day I sent out an email to current and past JetSpinner users and asked you to let me know exactly what you wanted to see changed or updated in JetSpinner and Jetsubmitter…

Well you’ve spoken and I’ve done my best to incorporate as much as possible in an update that goes live today!

While I’ve got some really big features and updates coming soon, Today’s updates include virtually all of the most requested features from the past 2 years.

00000042 New Jetspinner Smart Thesaurus & Jetsubmitter 2.0 Updates

General Updates

  • New Interface & Site Design – The most obvious change, has been redesigned in preperation for the coming updates.
  • Public Article Directory – The first version of our public article directory is now online providing access to unique versions of all articles ever submitted with Jetsubmitter! This directory is sure to soon grow to one of the highest pagerank and most powerful online. No one else can even come close to offering anything of this caliber, our huge database of seed articles is unmatched. Unique content for site owners just got easier than ever and unique content distribution is about to be taken to a new level. (Simply delete the related submission project if you no longer want to share an article)

Jetspinner Updates

  • “Smart” AJAX-Based Thesaurus – Simply put, I’ve added a thesaurus to Jetspinner that operates in your web-browser (with no software downloads) that LEARNS from you and the other Jetspinner users.

    The thesaurus decides what synonyms you’ll most likely be happy with and displays them first. It even learns new words, phrases, and sentences from you and other users! This undoubtedly makes Jetspinner the most powerful free article spinner ever created.

Jetsubmitter Updates

  • Multiple Account Profiles – Every paid Jetsubmitter account can now create multiple Account Profiles. Account Profiles store unique logins and passwords for article directories. Now you can submit articles for multiple websites using different accounts!
  • Site Groups – Now you can create site groups that contain only the sites you want to submit to… you can finally once again submit only to the directories you want!
  • Fixed/Added more sites

Jeff Johnson Underground Training Lab Bonus – ($1968 Real Value Bonus)

I’ve never actually offered a killer bonus package like this before for any product that was not my own but Jeff Johnson’s training is top notch and he’s helped me personally grow my business… his stuff just works.

I decided to offer 12 months full premium access to my 2 most popular tools for anyone who joins Jeff’s Underground Training Lab coaching club at the “Operation: Quick Start Plus” and now the “Platinum Plus Player’s Club” level through my affiliate link below PLUS early access to a tool I’ve been using to automate twitter marketing in multiple niches.

(Also, I’m not going to leave out those of you who might want to join his club at the basic Operation: Quick Start level so I’m going to go ahead and offer 6 months free access to the tool of your choice from below for everyone, despite the level, who joins through my link.)

If you’re interested, don’t wait to long to decide, it opens at 3PM EST today (September 8th) and Jeff has some killer fast action bonuses for the first people to sign up, plus I need to limit this offer to 20 people since Autoblogger is still full right now.

First 20 12 people… You Get:

ab logo Jeff Johnson Underground Training Lab Bonus   ($1968 Real Value Bonus)

12 Months Premium Access to (100 blogs) – $1164 value
Autoblogger sold out in July so its currently not open for any new members but if this was even available right now it would be selling for $97/month as it was before selling out.

js logo 001 Jeff Johnson Underground Training Lab Bonus   ($1968 Real Value Bonus)

12 Months Unlimited Access to (Unlimited Spinning & Article Submissions to 541+ directories) – $804 value
Jetsubmitter 2.0 is currently available only to Jetspinner users and is selling for $67/month. Jetsubmitter is the original and most widely used spun article submission tool on the market, it makes a perfect tool to get new sites indexed and build links long term on auto-pilot by submitting to a few new directories per day.

twitter Jeff Johnson Underground Training Lab Bonus   ($1968 Real Value Bonus)

6 Months Early Premium Level Access to my new Twitter tool (name still secret) – Value: Price not set but you can count on it being over $97/mo for the premium level
This is a new tool I’ve been working on, tweaking, testing, and creating for over 8 months now. It’s basically complete Twitter automation for niche markets. Think, enter a market, create 5 different twitter personalities, tell our tool your keywords, what your customers are interested in, where you want to drive leads, and click go… This tool is based loosely on automating Perry Belcher and Ryan Diess’s Social Media Domination Strategies. You will be one of the FIRST to get access, expect at least a few days delay before we have it ready for you to use (I’ll even teach you how to build a massive list on auto-pilot using this software).

These tools make a PERFECT combination to go along with Jeff’s training. Jeff is the master of affiliate blogs and promoting, he basically invented what we know today as Super Affiliates. Autoblogger makes a perfect tool to instantly build new blog networks of supporting blogs in any new market you enter into, Jetsubmitter is the easiest way to guarantee yourself hundreds of new links on auto-pilot, and my twitter tool can build you a email list in any market in record time.

To get this bonus you must order by clicking this link below – after you order send an email to [email protected], subject line “UTL Bonus”, with your Name and email address you ordered with. As soon as Jeff sends us over a list of customers we’ll verify your payment and give you instant access to your bonus(es)!

You Must Use This Link to Claim the Bonus

Todd Dickerson

P.S. (I just entered a new CPA market a couple weeks ago, I’ve done nothing but setup 7 Autoblogger blogs and submit a few Jetsubmitter Articles for backlinks… I already hold 6 top 10 rankings for my targeted keywords… once I actually take the time to setup the other 23 Autoblogger blogs and do some real promotion I should be dominating the search results with my sites and littering the top 10 positions!)

Product Launch Manager Bonus – ($4,108) REAL Value

Product Launch Manager is more then just another course in Internet Marketing, it’s an entire consulting business in a box.

Jeff’s Product Launch Formula revolutionized the way internet marketing is done and now Jeff is going to train you on how to make huge commissions doing product launches for other businesses (A REAL sustainable online business with a REAL company behind it.)

This bonus is the best I’ve ever offered, and if I may say, the best there is.

I’m going to build your new consulting business a SEO optimized website and blog to sell your new product launch expertise AND create 10 supporting SEO optimized blogs complete with 10 AutoBlogger blog posts interlinking and promoting your new site.

You’re also going to receive a year of Autoblogger access and a year of Jetsubmitter Unlimited access. And to get your new blog network started and your new site ranking my staff is going to write and spin (using Humanspiner) 5 articles to distribute using Jetsubmitter to promote your new sites.

The value here is just crazy…

  • SEO optimized PLM consulting website & blog ($500+) (or if you have a site, I’ll personally review it and give you ideas to tweak it)
  • 10 SEO optimized blogs with 10 blog posts each ($1500+)
  • 1 year Autoblogger access ($804)
  • 1 year Jetsubmitter Unlimited access ($804)
  • 5 Jetspinner Articles Written, Spun, & distributed ($100+)
  • Updated: 1 year secret Twitter tool access + automatically promoted Twitter profile and custom Twitter background ($500+)
  • Updated: My direct email access for advice (limited to reasonable usage) – I’ve done a number of successful product launches netting over $100k, and I’m friends with Jeff Walker ($???? never offered before)
  • Updated: Quick indexing links from some of my personal blogs to your new PLM site. (usually I can get any site indexed in a matter of hours with these links) ($??? never offered before)

To claim your bonus you MUST order through this link below, after ordering email me at Todd [at], subject line “PLM Bonus”, and once your order is verified by Jeff’s staff we’ll get rolling.

Order through this link for your bonus

Update: Obviously this bonus is going to take up some of my time, and I really hate to work more then a couple hours a day… so in order to provide high quality results I am limiting it to the first 10 people who purchase through my link. (Jeff’s original PLF course sold out in a matter of hours, so if you’re considering it, don’t wait, he’s going to assume a ton of the risk and even include a rock solid guarantee.) 10 bonus packages currently available

Order Link:

Product Launch Manager Bonus – Best EVER

 Product Launch Manager Bonus   Best EVERI just arrived at a gorgeous North Georiga cabin to work for the weekend. I needed to get away and change my work environment because it personally helps me be ultra productive. However, I’m not completely away from distractions, there is some dog/wolf howling right outside my cabin and it’s kinda freaking me out!

Nevertheless, I have some news that I’m really excited to share…

On the way up I realized I haven’t even give you a heads up my huge bonus offer for Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Manager program. The program itself is for serious and dedicated people interested in starting a REAL business online only so I decided to design my bonus around making success faster, easier, and simpler for those that decide to step-up and become certified Product Launch Managers.

I’m still finishing up the exact details of the package, but rest assured it will be my best bonus EVER! It will include personal time invested by my staff and I to make your success as a Product Launch Manager EASIER and accelerated!

Stay tuned for the exact details tomorrow (10-23-09)!

Update: Product Launch Manager Sneak peak

UPDATE: My Product Launch Manager Bonus Details!

Article Spinner Training site just launched

I just put a new site live to help teach article spinning. Currently have an “Article Spinning 101” video posted and free access to Jetspinner included, check it out if you’re not already a member:
screen shot 2009 10 22 at 91127 pm Article Spinner Training site just launched
Article Spinner

Product Launch Manager from Jeff Walker [Video]

Product Launch Manager Video

Make a LOT of money with no list and no product

Jeff Walker is a personal friend and mentor of mine that I directly attribute to at least $100k of my income over the past couple years. If you’ve never heard of Jeff Walker he’s the guy behind Product Launch Formula… without him you would never have seen any of the ‘product launches’ over the past couple years (granted many people never actually study his material and do them completely wrong then wonder why they only make a few thousand icon wink Product Launch Manager from Jeff Walker [Video] …).

He’s been pretty behind the scenes for a while now but he’s working on new material he’s calling Product Launch Manager… think, manage launches for other businesses and get huge commissions. He’s already trained 50 people who gladly handed over $25k each to get their hands on this training… but I wont spoil the fun… here’s a video direct from Jeff…

Product Launch Manager Video

(New FTC disclaimer: Yeah if you decide to buy something from him down the road sometime I may or may not get a commission and there of course is no guarantee you’ll make any money … in-case you haven’t heard the FTC decided to attack new media head on, $11k fines+ tons more… Frank explains it best: )

Update: Posted Product Launch Manager Bonus info!

UPDATE: My Product Launch Manager Bonus Details!

Jetsubmitter Article Summaries is in the process of updating right now but it should be live soon. I just finished some Jetsubmitter updates one of which was the addition of summaries for articles. You can now manually specify your article summary using spinner syntax or normal text. Additionally a fix was added for some users who were experiencing summaries being auto-created that were longer then they should have been.
screen shot 2009 09 17 at 104732 am Jetsubmitter Article Summaries
This should add an additional boost to the number of successful submissions you see being accepted and indexed!

Upcoming bonus for Jeff Johnson’s Underground Training Lab

Quick heads up, Jeff’s opening his coaching club up for new members for the first time in a while.

He’s brought back some highly requested features and some killer fast action bonuses.

Jeff really knows his stuff and drives traffic like crazy. I’ve decided to put together an insane bonus offer that will help you leverage his teaching. All you need to do is signup through my link.

I’m making some last minute decisions right now on what to include but I’ll have it finalized tomorrow. He opens for new members tomorrow September 8th at 3pm EST.

Come back tomorrow at 3pm to get details on how to order and make sure you do things right in order to claim your bonus from me. You can get more info on his program @ or get on the waiting list @\

Update: Bonus offer posted