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Free Duplicate Content Checker for Spun Articles

Recently we finished up a nice and simple tool to help check your spun articles for content duplicate levels.

It’s been in closed beta for a little while now and I’ve decided to go ahead and open it up for free public beta.

Using JetChecker you can easily upload a zip file of your spun article variations and check to see if your level of spinning is sufficient to truly make your articles unique. Or you can even compare simply 2 snippets of text, or 4 snippets of text.

Check it out: Free Duplicate Content Checker

Free Article Spinner

Our free article spinner has now been around for almost 3 years!

It’s undergone a large number of changes in that time but all the initial power still remains.

Our article spinner is extremely simple to use and completely white-hat! No tricks or black-hat stuff here, simply provide your original article, then provide a few variations for the sentences and/or paragraphs in your article and click spin! You’ll have hundreds of unique various created within minutes that you can then submit to article submission sites.

I’ve had a number of questions on the basics of article spinning so I even created an article spinning overview video of the basic concepts and strategies for you to check out if you’ve never tried article spinning before.

article spinning vid img Free Article Spinner

The Original Free Article Spinner:

Free seo software and training – Jeff Johnson SEO Traffic Plugin 2.0

This is the exact software I have my staff use to help get killer rankings.

Similar stuff out there costs $297, Jeff is giving it away for…


2009 08 23 2201 Free seo software and training   Jeff Johnson SEO Traffic Plugin 2.0

Get the free software and training now

There’s no excuse not to grab it now.

You get the software AND the training 100% free.

Todd Dickerson

P.S. This software works killer when combined with
I’m doing a case study now on breaking into HIGHLY competitive CPA
markets with nothing but Autoblogger, WordPress, and this free software.

How Posts 100% Unique Content everytime

I had a concerning email today by a user who was upset that Autoblogger wasn’t posting unique content. Everything turned out to be a huge misunderstanding but it’s my fault for not explaining things well to begin with!

Autoblogger works by researching your keywords and finding topics on sites such as Google News, Digg, Ezinearticles, etc related to them. It then displays and lists these topics for you to review and reject if you choose… but that’s BEFORE our writers ever write your unique posts for your blog. Our writers take these topics and research them further, using them as an idea for your new 100% unique blog post.

Here’s an example (I added the explanation you see just today after this issue):
00000037 How Posts 100% Unique Content everytime

Once the posts are written our system then automatically has editors check over them, checks them through for 100% uniqueness guaranteed, then posts them to your blogs without you ever lifting a finger!

Social Media PDF Report

I got an email from my buddy Perry Belcher this morning
with a killer free PDF report on actually monetizing social
media without being one of those annoying people everyone
on Twitter hates.

twitterbook9.thumbnail Social Media PDF Report

Free Social Media PDF Report (Twitter, Facebook, etc)

In fair disclosure, he does require you to opt-in to get
the report but if there’s anyone you should listen to
about Twitter it’s Perry. He has 101,633 followers as
of today & it’s his personal advice that as got me to
12,245 followers in just a couple months.

Good luck!
Todd Dickerson

More Autoblogger Q&A (Cheap Class-C IP Hosting, For Non-Bloggers, vs MyArticleNetwork / Linkvana, & Launch)

Quick answers to some questions and comments that just came in…

A couple people said they weren’t into blogging and didn’t think
Autoblogger really applied to them, but that’s the beauty of
Autoblogger… it’s perfect for people who are NOT into blogging because
it does all the writing for you. You get the killer benefits of having
blogs in your niche that promote your money sites but don’t have to do the
work to manage the blogs.

Another question was regarding how Autoblogger differs from Article and
Blog Networks such as MyArticleNetwork, and Linkvana… While both these
services give users access to pre-created networks for backlinks, they’re
shared among many users. Autoblogger Blog Networks are YOURS, you OWN
them. Even if you stop using Autoblogger! You can essentially use
Autoblogger to create your own private Linkvana, Blog Network, or Article

One great question that came in was regarding Blog Network hosting. When
hosting your own blog network you want to use a number of unique class-c
ip addresses. Basically this means servers in different locations so its
not obvious all sites in the network are owned by the same person.
Class-C IP hosting like this can get expensive but I’ve worked out a deal
where Autoblogger users will be able to get 30 unique class-C ip addresses
hosted for about $35/month… search around for SEO Hosting and you’ll see
this is a ridiculously low price, others charge up to $10/mo per IP.

And the most common question that I got was, if I may paraphrase, “When
can I get my mits on it!?” The answer there is very soon, like I
mentioned at the end of the video Autoblogger has been closed to new users
for a while now but I will be opening up for new members very soon. I’ve
not yet set a date but we’re looking at the end of this week or early next
hopefully. If you’re on the priority waiting list then you’ll be the
first to find out.

Todd Dickerson

Autoblogger Blog Network with Unique Content

I just got an email from an Autoblogger user who is KILLING it in Google using to create a blog network and it hit me like a ton of bricks…

Not everyone is realizing the potential of Autoblogger. It is NOT designed to manage your one or two main blogs.

Autoblogger can and SHOULD be used to create a blog NETWORK that is full of unique content then promote “money sites” through the network.

Instead of writing a long email I decided to create a quick video explaining the basics of what I mean…

Todd Dickerson

P.S. Keep an eye out for a more detailed video, or join the waiting list: Make-over & in the works!

Jetsubmitter 2.0 is currently undergoing a pretty damn exciting make-over… new directories, speed enhancements, usability tweaks, new stats and graphs, reliability improvements, even Humanspinner integration.

I’m in the process of adding as many as 400 new article directories… PLUS… well… let’s leave it at maybe another surprise for now. Put it this way, Jetsubmitter is about to get a whole lot more powerful.

Jetconvo 2.0
Also Jetconvo 2.0 is underway! All current Jetconvo users can go to to create a free 2.0 beta account.
Jetconvo 2.0 supports all the newest versions of vBulletin and phpBB3 (SMF & IPB in testing)… it even supports mods such as vBSEO!
Other cool features are in the works such as real time stats for new threads.
2009 05 27 1052 Make over & in the works!

If you create a beta account just keep me updated on your progress/suggestions/etc.

Autoblogger Q&A Video

I sent an email out Friday asking what questions you had regarding the system and I got some great questions back.  Instead of answering them in a traditional email I went ahead and recorded a more in-depth 5 minute video answering questions (such as: cost, keyword topics covered, quality, number of blogs, post frequency, & making money).

(Ignore the 125 new users mention, that will likely change before we go live)

AutoBlogger will be made available again very soon, so keep an eye out for that email.

AutoBlogger Preview & Questions

I’ve created a human powered automatic blogging system that
I have been using for a while now to create blogs on
autopilot. It’s really unlike anything anyone has every
done before.

I have it simplified down to the point where all I do is
input a blog’s info and tell the system a few keywords for
the blog.

The system then finds recent topics in the news, blogs,
shopping sites, google, etc and has writers write unique
blog posts (costs about $1.50 per post), then the posts are
automatically posted to my blogs. I think it’s pretty
obvious how fast and easy it is to setup niche blogs this


Questions Answered

First off, the system is NOTHING like the junk/spam systems
that already exist. Those systems have been around for
YEARS but all they do is scrape (steal) content from other
websites or RSS feeds and post it to your website. Not
only is it not a very ethical practice, but it simply doesn’t
work anymore. Google hates the duplicate content and just
ignores it most of the time.The content created by THIS system is just like having your
own part time writer on staff. It’s written specifically
for your website. The topics that I mentioned are just
that, topic IDEAS for the writer to write completely unique
content, nothing more.

Second, I understand post quality and speed will be of the
absolute highest importance to you. This is one reason
why, to begin with, the number of users has to be strictly
limited. I only have so many talented writers at my
disposal for the insanely low per post prices I’ve
mentioned. I expect initially I’ll only have room in the
system for a MAX of 50 people, maybe less. Hopefully I’ll be
able to expand this number later on, but no promises, first
come, first serve.

Third, There will be a monthly retainer fee to use the
system, maintain updates/servers/etc, nothing too expensive
but as I’ve already said, there can only be a few people
using the system because of the limited writer base and I
only want serious users to help grow and improve the system.