Product Launch Manager from Jeff Walker [Video]

Product Launch Manager Video

Make a LOT of money with no list and no product

Jeff Walker is a personal friend and mentor of mine that I directly attribute to at least $100k of my income over the past couple years. If you’ve never heard of Jeff Walker he’s the guy behind Product Launch Formula… without him you would never have seen any of the ‘product launches’ over the past couple years (granted many people never actually study his material and do them completely wrong then wonder why they only make a few thousand icon wink Product Launch Manager from Jeff Walker [Video] …).

He’s been pretty behind the scenes for a while now but he’s working on new material he’s calling Product Launch Manager… think, manage launches for other businesses and get huge commissions. He’s already trained 50 people who gladly handed over $25k each to get their hands on this training… but I wont spoil the fun… here’s a video direct from Jeff…

Product Launch Manager Video

(New FTC disclaimer: Yeah if you decide to buy something from him down the road sometime I may or may not get a commission and there of course is no guarantee you’ll make any money … in-case you haven’t heard the FTC decided to attack new media head on, $11k fines+ tons more… Frank explains it best: )

Update: Posted Product Launch Manager Bonus info!

UPDATE: My Product Launch Manager Bonus Details!