Upcoming bonus for Jeff Johnson’s Underground Training Lab

Quick heads up, Jeff’s opening his coaching club up for new members for the first time in a while.

He’s brought back some highly requested features and some killer fast action bonuses.

Jeff really knows his stuff and drives traffic like crazy. I’ve decided to put together an insane bonus offer that will help you leverage his teaching. All you need to do is signup through my link.

I’m making some last minute decisions right now on what to include but I’ll have it finalized tomorrow. He opens for new members tomorrow September 8th at 3pm EST.

Come back tomorrow at 3pm to get details on how to order and make sure you do things right in order to claim your bonus from me. You can get more info on his program @ http://budurl.com/utl2plus or get on the waiting list @ http://budurl.com/utllive\

Update: Bonus offer posted