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The average #11 ranking site in Google will get a relative 0.66% click through ratio (CTR), yet the average #10 ranking will get a 2.97% CTR.

Put simply, this means a 450% increase in traffic simply by moving from position #11 to #10. The same applies for lower positions such as #20 (a 0.30% CTR), a 990% increase by moving to position #10.

For long tail keyword phrases and keywords where you’re on the edge of moving to page #1, this plugin will help by sculpting pagerank and adding internal site wide links to phrases where you are on the brink of busting into a top 10 position.

More details in my free Beyond Link Building Report (Link Updated & Working again)

2nd Page Sniper will automatically prioritize links displayed by first displaying keywords
most likely to be boosted with the greatest traffic result (ie Page 2, then page 3, etc,
then page 1 results as a last resort)

Download Version 1.0

Quick Widget Setup

Screen shot 2010 10 06 at 1.45.14 PM 300x194 2nd Page Sniper Wordpress Plugin
After Installing and Activating the plugin inside your WordPress Admin, click Appearance then Widgets.

1 – Drag 2nd Page Sniper from Available Widgets to your sidebar (or footer, etc)
2 – Widget Title, optional, simply appears above the list of links
3 – Max Links (aim to keep this # around 20% of the total links on your page – another words for most sites, 5-10 is a good number)
4 – If you want to boost specific rankings on all search engines check them all (Generally speaking for smaller sites its best to use all search engines)
5 – Log from page 1? (Most people will want to check this to start unless you specifically do not want to attempt to boost 1st page rankings – 2nd Page Sniper will automatically use Page 2+ results first)
6 – Other options for which parts of your site you want to boost rankings for

Note: Those with the largest sites will obviously see the greatest impact the fastest, other small sites may take longer since they’re unlikely to have near as many page #2 rankings that can easily be boosted to page 1

Update: Header error message resolved by upgrading to WordPress 3.0.1

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  • http://successunplugged.com Lonnie Amirault

    Todd, any updates? I love the plugin and it works great with the exception of duplicate links. also if your css has been updated to match the themes default style?

    • http://www.spontent.com Todd Dickerson

      Hey Lonnie, haven’t had a chance to update it in a while, thanks for reminding me.  I’ll take a look at the duplicate links issue.  As for matching the default style if you shoot me an example of what you’re looking for I’ll take a look at it.

  • KWNY

    I found Spontent.com on the Jet Spinner site when I looked it up in directed me here. Jet Spinner’s help desk is no longer active so you can’t contact them about the product. So I would believe you would be associated with Jet Spinner? Could you tell me if there is a way to contact them?
    You can contact me at this email: [email protected] (It’s not my real email so don’t worry I made it just to post on your site to contact me) So I am not posting any personal information.

    Thank you for your time