Google plays around with local search changes

Just checking stats on a few of my local profiles tonight and noticed some interesting changes or maybe tests that Google has going on. Could be a pretty major change for those of with our hands in the local markets! Will be very interesting to see what kind of CTR result this has also!

We’ll have to wait and see if it sticks!

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  • Business process outsourcing

    I strongly disagree with Art History X’s comment that software article spinners totally ruin the grammar or the readability of its contents, i have been using BestSpinner 3 article spinner for my work, but i think it doesn’t destroy the grammar, because the one controlling it is the one spinning it which is actually the person, and not a robot, for certain situations that a human may get to read a wrong grammar with their spinned article, he/she has the ability to correct it.

  • Calvenn Starre

    Does humanspinner or jetsubmitter actually work anymore?
    I just set up my accounts and nothing is working.

  • 9 9 9

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