Butterfly Marketing Software Open Source – BFM Membership site script

3 or 4 years ago I purchased a $1997 software program that I went on to use to make over $200,000.

My now buddy Mike Filsaime developed this software and has sold thousands of copies at $1997 so you’ll probably understand my surprise this morning when I found out he is now giving away full open source access to the software. 

This means you have the actual source code and can use it for anything you want… for free.
download Butterfly Marketing Software Open Source   BFM Membership site script

He’s changing directions with his business so he decided to make a huge good will gesture and simply give away access to this hugely popular and powerful sales software.

Go here to download the script now for free:

This is too good to pass up. Enjoy!
Todd Dickerson

  • http://discoveryourpower.blogspot.com Soham

    Thank you very much for the free software both Filsaime and Sponten

  • http://www.spontent.com Todd Dickerson

    You're welcome, I've used this same software on a number of sites. Good stuff

  • http://www.sourceoforigin.com kilobugs

    What's the software about? and what does it do exactly?

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