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2nd Page Sniper WordPress Plugin

The average #11 ranking site in Google will get a relative 0.66% click through ratio (CTR), yet the average #10 ranking will get a 2.97% CTR. Put simply, this means a 450% increase in traffic simply by moving from position #11 to #10. The same applies for lower positions such as #20 (a 0.30% CTR), [...]

Autoblogger Updated Q&A and Behind the Scenes

Note: This video is slightly out of date, Autoblogger has been updated with a completely new UI and a ton more features! Autoblogger More Info I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for the baby blessings and send you over a quick video answering some of the most common related questions and [...]

Blog Networks – Top 10 Rankings in 7 Days (or less)

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated you on the latest Blog Network strategies and what I’m doing to dominate markets for myself and my clients. So I put together a short 9 page PDF Report for you detailing my current strategies. Download 10 in 7.pdf (opt-in now required) If you have any questions, [...]

Your Free Blog Network PDF Report

I promised I’d give you more insight into how successful blog networks work and can easily be built, so I created a completely free 13 page PDF Report for you. A custom Blog Network that you actually own can be a very powerful tool you can use to get new sites indexed ridiculously fast, and [...]

How Posts 100% Unique Content everytime

I had a concerning email today by a user who was upset that Autoblogger wasn’t posting unique content. Everything turned out to be a huge misunderstanding but it’s my fault for not explaining things well to begin with! Autoblogger works by researching your keywords and finding topics on sites such as Google News, Digg, Ezinearticles, [...]

More Autoblogger Q&A (Cheap Class-C IP Hosting, For Non-Bloggers, vs MyArticleNetwork / Linkvana, & Launch)

Quick answers to some questions and comments that just came in… A couple people said they weren’t into blogging and didn’t think Autoblogger really applied to them, but that’s the beauty of Autoblogger… it’s perfect for people who are NOT into blogging because it does all the writing for you. You get the killer benefits [...]

Autoblogger Blog Network with Unique Content

I just got an email from an Autoblogger user who is KILLING it in Google using to create a blog network and it hit me like a ton of bricks… Not everyone is realizing the potential of Autoblogger. It is NOT designed to manage your one or two main blogs. Autoblogger can and SHOULD [...]

Autoblogger Q&A Video

I sent an email out Friday asking what questions you had regarding the system and I got some great questions back.  Instead of answering them in a traditional email I went ahead and recorded a more in-depth 5 minute video answering questions (such as: cost, keyword topics covered, quality, number of blogs, post frequency, & [...]