Google plays around with local search changes

Just checking stats on a few of my local profiles tonight and noticed some interesting changes or maybe tests that Google has going on. Could be a pretty major change for those of with our hands in the local markets! Will be very interesting to see what kind of CTR result this has also!

We’ll have to wait and see if it sticks!

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2nd Page Sniper WordPress Plugin

2ndpagesniperlogo 2nd Page Sniper Wordpress Plugin

The average #11 ranking site in Google will get a relative 0.66% click through ratio (CTR), yet the average #10 ranking will get a 2.97% CTR.

Put simply, this means a 450% increase in traffic simply by moving from position #11 to #10. The same applies for lower positions such as #20 (a 0.30% CTR), a 990% increase by moving to position #10.

For long tail keyword phrases and keywords where you’re on the edge of moving to page #1, this plugin will help by sculpting pagerank and adding internal site wide links to phrases where you are on the brink of busting into a top 10 position.

More details in my free Beyond Link Building Report (Link Updated & Working again)

2nd Page Sniper will automatically prioritize links displayed by first displaying keywords
most likely to be boosted with the greatest traffic result (ie Page 2, then page 3, etc,
then page 1 results as a last resort)

Download Version 1.0

Quick Widget Setup

Screen shot 2010 10 06 at 1.45.14 PM 300x194 2nd Page Sniper Wordpress Plugin
After Installing and Activating the plugin inside your WordPress Admin, click Appearance then Widgets.

1 – Drag 2nd Page Sniper from Available Widgets to your sidebar (or footer, etc)
2 – Widget Title, optional, simply appears above the list of links
3 – Max Links (aim to keep this # around 20% of the total links on your page – another words for most sites, 5-10 is a good number)
4 – If you want to boost specific rankings on all search engines check them all (Generally speaking for smaller sites its best to use all search engines)
5 – Log from page 1? (Most people will want to check this to start unless you specifically do not want to attempt to boost 1st page rankings – 2nd Page Sniper will automatically use Page 2+ results first)
6 – Other options for which parts of your site you want to boost rankings for

Note: Those with the largest sites will obviously see the greatest impact the fastest, other small sites may take longer since they’re unlikely to have near as many page #2 rankings that can easily be boosted to page 1

Update: Header error message resolved by upgrading to WordPress 3.0.1

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Jetsubmitter Update: 593 Article Directories

UPDATE: New sites have been added! I’ve removed a ton of directories that were dead or dying and replaced them with new higher PR directories. There are now a total of 593 working directories. Most articles (depending on length/category/# of links) should be able to successfully submit to 400-500 of these directories every time! (Ex: I just completed submitting a 400 word Internet Marketing related test article with 1 link successfully to 529 sites)

More info on getting setup at the new Jetsubmitter Support Forum

Todd Dickerson

Adalynn Elizabeth Dickerson

My first baby was born this past week on 4-20-2010. She was 8lbs 6oz, 20″ long, and healthy with full head of hair!

She’s currently consuming all of my time but I’ll be back to work on some killer new updates and training material for Jetsubmitter2 and Autoblogger ASAP!

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Todd Dickerson

Butterfly Marketing Software Open Source – BFM Membership site script

3 or 4 years ago I purchased a $1997 software program that I went on to use to make over $200,000.

My now buddy Mike Filsaime developed this software and has sold thousands of copies at $1997 so you’ll probably understand my surprise this morning when I found out he is now giving away full open source access to the software. 

This means you have the actual source code and can use it for anything you want… for free.
download Butterfly Marketing Software Open Source   BFM Membership site script

He’s changing directions with his business so he decided to make a huge good will gesture and simply give away access to this hugely popular and powerful sales software.

Go here to download the script now for free:

This is too good to pass up. Enjoy!
Todd Dickerson

Internet Marketing Tools – New Blog

Just a heads up, started work today on a new Internet Marketing Tools blog. The new site will feature the best online marketing tools from companies like Spontent.

The custom theme created for and used on the site will also be released soon!

screen shot 2010 04 08 at 32843 pm.thumbnail Internet Marketing Tools   New Blog

Autoblogger Updated Q&A and Behind the Scenes

Note: This video is slightly out of date, Autoblogger has been updated with a completely new UI and a ton more features!

Autoblogger More Info

I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for the baby blessings and send you over a quick video answering some of the most common related questions and showing a little of Autoblogger behind the scenes.

Blog Networks – Top 10 Rankings in 7 Days (or less)

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated you on the latest Blog Network strategies and what I’m doing to dominate markets for myself and my clients. So I put together a short 9 page PDF Report for you detailing my current strategies.

pdf Blog Networks   Top 10 Rankings in 7 Days (or less)

Download 10 in 7.pdf (opt-in now required)

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions regarding blog networks please post your comment below!

Todd Dickerson

Traffic Voodoo Bonus – Jeff Johnson

I just decided on my bonus package for Jeff Johnson’s Traffic Voodoo program. It basically automates one of Jeff’s key strategies for you giving you access to one of my tools that I use daily.

Order Now – You Must Order Through This Link to Receive Your Bonus

After ordering Traffic Voodoo through this link simply contact my support team at to claim your bonus.

Also, here’s some free videos and PDFs you’re going to love:
Traffic Voodoo Cheat Sheets [PDF]
Traffic Voodoo Instant Affiliate Traffic [Video]
Traffic Voodoo Bonus

Your Free Blog Network PDF Report

I promised I’d give you more insight into how successful blog networks
work and can easily be built, so I created a completely free 13 page
PDF Report for you.

A custom Blog Network that you actually own can be a very powerful
tool you can use to get new sites indexed ridiculously fast, and ranking
high in Google. I’ve worked hard to explain everything you need to know
to create your own blog network in this free report.

pdf Your Free Blog Network PDF Report
Click here to download the free PDF Report.

If you liked the report please do me a favor and post a comment below
and let me know what you think, questions / comments / suggestions?

(There’s no need to opt-in or anything, but if you’re interested in using
Autoblogger to help automate your Blog Networks then be sure to get
on the waiting list below. It’s been sold out since April 2010 but a major
update and new spots will be opening very soon.)

Todd Dickerson