Free Duplicate Content Checker for Spun Articles

Recently we finished up a nice and simple tool to help check your spun articles for content duplicate levels.

It’s been in closed beta for a little while now and I’ve decided to go ahead and open it up for free public beta.

Using JetChecker you can easily upload a zip file of your spun article variations and check to see if your level of spinning is sufficient to truly make your articles unique. Or you can even compare simply 2 snippets of text, or 4 snippets of text.

Check it out: Free Duplicate Content Checker

  • Todd Dickerson

    Sorry guys, it's down right now, sent out an email to everyone this morning and overloaded things. Didn't quite expect the huge response, quadrupling the server memory right now and rebooting, should be online in the next 15-30 min.


  • Todd Dickerson

    189 new beta users signed up today. Thanks for checking it out guys! Let me know if you have any suggestions/feedback!

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  • Seo company India

    THis tool is really effective.

  • loadmsn

    it's 7 dollars,isn't it ??

  • Todd Dickerson

    $7? Where do you see that? has a simple free signup form and no payment requested.


  • J Fister has a free spun content checker that might be of interest:

    It works by examining the document itself to see how likely it is to be generated by a spinner. It doesn’t need to do plagiarism checking or have the original article to do its job.