Your Free Blog Network PDF Report

I promised I’d give you more insight into how successful blog networks
work and can easily be built, so I created a completely free 13 page
PDF Report for you.

A custom Blog Network that you actually own can be a very powerful
tool you can use to get new sites indexed ridiculously fast, and ranking
high in Google. I’ve worked hard to explain everything you need to know
to create your own blog network in this free report.

pdf Your Free Blog Network PDF Report
Click here to download the free PDF Report.

If you liked the report please do me a favor and post a comment below
and let me know what you think, questions / comments / suggestions?

(There’s no need to opt-in or anything, but if you’re interested in using
Autoblogger to help automate your Blog Networks then be sure to get
on the waiting list below. It’s been sold out since April 2010 but a major
update and new spots will be opening very soon.)

Todd Dickerson

  • tiggman

    Btw, I've just switched over comments to using Disqus, you can comment across thousands of websites using the same account/login/etc, images are automatically used, all kinds of cool stuff.

  • Name

    Where is waiting list for autoblogger?

  • vhale

    Where is waiting list for autoblogger?

  • tiggman

    You can jump on the waiting list at the end of this post or at

  • samsungml1610

    Thank you so much for your effort in putting that together. I am using some automated tools but it was great to have it explained in far more detail.. I will put those tips into place now! Samsung ML 1610

  • shendison

    Well put together report, Todd. Have you tried this without the private registration? What if you already have a bunch of domains that are in one name / company name? Add privacy?

  • Allan

    Thanks Todd, looks like quite a big report so will have to read it tonight.

  • tiggman

    I have tried it with a small network w/o privacy w/o issue, but Google has easy access to that information so if its a large network I'd play on the safe side.

    I do also have a network that I added privacy to most of the domains after registration (hadn't planned ahead) and that network also is doing well, so adding privacy should work for you I believe.

  • tiggman

    Yeah, it ended up being pretty long but I figured the more details I could go into for everyone the more help the report would be!

    If you have any questions about it feel free to post them.

  • June

    Excellent report. Mind maps are very useful for assisting people with actually “seeing” how things should be linked together. I have heard of Jetsubmitter before but have never tried it so I guess this is as good a time as any to give it a try.(Grin)

    I disagree with you on using GoDaddy, however, as a domain register service. GoDaddy is not very IM friendly. If anyone should ever report your site for spam (doesn't matter if it is true or not), regardless of where your site is hosted, GoDaddy has the ability to shut you down (no questions asked) and it can take weeks to get your account/site reopened. NameCheap IMHO is a better place to register a domain name as it is much more friendly and understanding of IM.

    I also think, again IMHO, that the Platinum SEO pack is a much more advance plugin for your blog. It does everything that Jeff's Plugin or All-in-One-Seo does and more. You can get it from the WordPress without having to get on another mailing list that will bombard you with “buy me, buy me” emails. Here is the link:

    I am so in agreement with the 100% uniqueness and really believe that all the “guru garbage” about 30% uniqueness is a BIG FAT LIE. I thing this lie is perpetuated by either newbies parroting the B.S.t they hear on forums or by IMers that don't want the competition ranking above them.

    Even though I do disagree with a few of your tools, this is a valuable report that every new blogger should read. You have done a great service by giving it away for free!

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  • tiggman

    Thanks for the comments June, I have heard the same reports you have about Godaddy having a 1 strike policy but I have had hundreds of domains with them for 5-6 years now and never have had an issue myself, but definitely something to consider.

    I'll have to give Platinum SEO a try also, haven't felt the need to use anything beyond All in One SEO or Jeffs thus far.

    I also plan to do a report in the near future with a couple documented case studies regarding the required % unique. From what I've seen the uniqueness needed varies greatly depending on the context and what we're talking about. Site uniqueness, article uniqueness, blog post uniqueness, etc.

    Thanks and you're welcome!

  • liong

    Hey Todd, its cool to get this report.
    But men, are you a joker or what? Any way read on…..
    In your email broadcast to some of us on your list, you asked if we still want to hear from you or not. ARE YOU CRAZY, who wouldn't want to hear from you if you keep giving good money making processes like this out.
    BTW, if any one say they don't want to hear from you and unsubscribe, let me know, I'll personally go to their house and eat them up (Even if I have to fly there)……. lol (I'm in the UK).

  • tiggman

    Haha, thanks Liong,
    I hadn't mailed anything out in a while and I just wanted to make sure those who received the email still wanted to be on my list. Only about .01% unsubscribed, so I'd say that's pretty good!

  • PPP_Blogger

    I found your email extremely timely since I am in the process of trying something very similar. So far I have about 60 blogs/sites running on five IP addresses. Almost every blog is indexed daily which keeps me up late at night adding additional posts which I currently obtain from various article sites. The PR on these blogs run from PR4 down to only a few with no PR on the sites with limited pages. I find that 1and1 is the best place to buy domains if you want free 'private' registration. Using Godaddy, 1and1, Blogger, WordPress and other hosts, I am hoping it all pays off on the next Google dance. Right now I am able to pump close to 3,000 backilnks to my own sites using just my own 'site farm'. This may all go up in smoke but I just had to give it a try a couple of months ago when I came up with my own plan.

  • tiggman

    Great job at implementing! I'm sure you'll see good results, 60 blogs that interlink on only 5 class-c's is risky though. I don't know how your network is built but be careful there. Thanks for the 1and1 tip also, 1 more alternative option to use. 3,000 instant backlinks is pretty fun to wield isn't it?

    I got sick of adding content manually, auto-posting junk duplicate content, or paying someone $5-10/article for content then having to organize it on top of all that, exactly why I built Autoblogger in the first place! Maybe it will be useful for you also.

    Good luck and let us know how things turn out for you!

  • PPP_Blogger

    My intention was never to have that many sites. One thing that you mention in your report is using a domain name that reflects what your product is about. True, this does play a part in ranking but would you be willing to give that part up for an expiring domain with an established high PR rank with hundreds of backlinks and that has been registered since 2002? I would, which is how I wound up with so many domains. Some of my blogs have content on them that has absolutely nothing to do with the URL yet they never skipped a beat when they were updated during the last Google update. I have one that the original content was about rebuilding the ruins of archaeological digs, but I made it into rebuilding the ruins of identity theft. If I find a high PR expiring site, I research what the topic originally was and blog about something along the same line. If it was in a foreign language, then it's just a crapshoot what I blog about. Still works!

    Spending time researching expiring domains with established pagerank is well worth the added time and you might want to include that if you ever update your report.

    I'm looking forward to seeing more results from your idea and comparing notes.

  • tiggman

    Yeah using expired domains with PR/links/content can be powerful also. I have a friend who does nothing but that for her blog network sites and she's killing it.

    I do like to focus my keywords in the domain on my money sites or Niche Dominator type sites. I have a large number of sites that have nothing but an article, a spot on keyword domain name, basic on page seo, and links from 1 of my blog networks that are ranking top 5-10 for their keyword w/ virtually no time investment there. Killer way to target keywords in additional to your main site and drive tons of additional traffic.

  • James Briggs

    I almost unsubscribed to your mailing list because I had a bad experience with your humanspinner service. You probably already know that the service basically spits back garbage.

    Anyway, I'm glad I didn't. The report was excellent. However, I don't like getting e-mails for services that aren't available. Seriously, Why does everyone send out e-mails to people advertising products that are “sold out”.

  • tiggman

    Hey James, A few people did have issues with Humanspinner when it started, had a couple spammers try to become writers and it took a while to work out a permanent solution to keep them out. We haven't had any complaints in months though regarding it now.

    Thanks for the great feedback on the report. Autoblogger opens tomorrow for new members for the first time in 2 months+

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