Jetsubmitter Update: 593 Article Directories

UPDATE: New sites have been added! I’ve removed a ton of directories that were dead or dying and replaced them with new higher PR directories. There are now a total of 593 working directories. Most articles (depending on length/category/# of links) should be able to successfully submit to 400-500 of these directories every time! (Ex: I just completed submitting a 400 word Internet Marketing related test article with 1 link successfully to 529 sites)

More info on getting setup at the new Jetsubmitter Support Forum

Todd Dickerson

  • Martial-arts

    Hi todd so can you let us know where these domains are? The only reason I am asking is because I would like to setup an rss ping list so that I can submit a ping to have them get indexed. I have submitted a help desk ticket on this but never received a reply.

  • Brett


    Hi Todd,

    I know this is not the right place to post this, but your new support system is not answering my tickets – I have been waiting for a reply for over 7 DAYS!

    It is in regards to ticket #1137 – HumanSpinner:

    I have submitted a number of articles where the variations are either
    “pending review”, or simply “gathering variation”. And there are even some
    where the rejected variations are not being put back into the rewrite
    system. What bothers me is that these articles and variations were rejected
    quite a while back (a day or two) and the system seems to have forgotten
    about completing them.

    The articles in question (under username “bredopro”) are:
    gallstones1 – 14981
    gallstones2 – 14982
    gallstones3 – 14983
    gallstones7 – 14987
    gallstones8 – 14988
    rls1 – 14991
    rls2 – 14992
    rls3 – 14993
    rls4 – 14994
    rls5 – 14995
    rls6 – 14996
    rls7 – 14997
    rls8 – 14998
    scabies1 – 14999
    scabies5 – 15003

    Please could you guys get these finished? It seems the rejected variations
    are not being put back into the system. And I need these re-writes done




  • Todd Dickerson

    Hey Tony, when you go to create accounts you'll see a full list of sites as soon as you queue up account creation! Also after submission a list is provided to submissions as well.

  • Annette

    I am new to JetSpinner and JetSubmitter and I am having a hard time figuring what to do. The videos seem cut and dry and I shouldn’t be having any problems, but I am.
    In my stats it says, “Creations Queued – 4527″, but everything else is 0.
    Am I doing something wrong?
    I set up a gmail and switched the two settings to ‘enable’ as the video said to do. Now what?
    Thanks and sorry I posted here, but the support link isn’t working.