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Jetsubmitter Update: 593 Article Directories

UPDATE: New sites have been added! I’ve removed a ton of directories that were dead or dying and replaced them with new higher PR directories. There are now a total of 593 working directories. Most articles (depending on length/category/# of links) should be able to successfully submit to 400-500 of these directories every time! (Ex: [...]

Jetsubmitter Article Summaries is in the process of updating right now but it should be live soon. I just finished some Jetsubmitter updates one of which was the addition of summaries for articles. You can now manually specify your article summary using spinner syntax or normal text. Additionally a fix was added for some users who were [...] Make-over & in the works!

Jetsubmitter 2.0 is currently undergoing a pretty damn exciting make-over… new directories, speed enhancements, usability tweaks, new stats and graphs, reliability improvements, even Humanspinner integration. I’m in the process of adding as many as 400 new article directories… PLUS… well… let’s leave it at maybe another surprise for now. Put it this way, Jetsubmitter [...]

Utilizing Jetspinner to get top Squidoo Rankings

Tip: You do not always need to promote just your main site through Jetspinner + Jetsubmitter article marketing.  Try promoting your Web 2.0 profiles, pages, and even other article listings! I stumbled upon an interesting post today when working on Squidoo marketing… Kristen @ FemininePerspective talks about how she pulls off top 100 & number [...]

Jetsubmitter Updated and Online

Jetsubmitter is now back online. More new features are in progress behind the scenes, expect another post soon.

Jetsubmitter down for a few hours

Jetspinner+Jetsubmitter will be down for a few hours while we do some backups and updates on the server. When we come back up I’ve got a few cool improvements for you: The first of which is a change to the Manually Adding Site Logins page which allows you to edit your existing logins easily; As [...]

Jetsubmitter 2.0 Status

I just wanted to let everyone know I haven’t fallen asleep behind the upgrade… in fact I’ve barely slept at all since yesterday So far everything looks to have transfered correctly but I’m running final tests on all the new sites I added in. Once they’ve completed and everything checks out then we’ll be good [...]

Jetsubmitter/Jetspinner downtime tonight

Jetsubmitter 2.0 is ready to roll out! I was able to complete all of the features listed in the previous post… plus a new kick A** auto-registration system! 100% automated account registrations… one of the #1 complaints with Jetsubmitter’s automated system was the fact that the registrations were automated but the user would still need [...]

Jetsubmitter 2.0 on the horizon

Jetsubmitter 2.0 is well underway now. We’re revamping much of the backend, redesigning the interfaces to be more userfriendly, replacing dead sites with new ones, and adding much needed new features. Improvements already underway include: Much greater category support (over 150 categories now supported AND multiple tiered category selection, we will try to find a [...]

Multiple Penname Support & Advanced Error Checking

I just finished adding in 2 new systems to Jetsubmitter. The first is multiple penname support. Each time you create a project you will now be able to specify the select of a specific penname to use. If no pennames are showing then that means you have not added one since the new system was [...]