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Jetsubmitter 2.0 is currently undergoing a pretty damn exciting make-over… new directories, speed enhancements, usability tweaks, new stats and graphs, reliability improvements, even Humanspinner integration. I’m in the process of adding as many as 400 new article directories… PLUS… well… let’s leave it at maybe another surprise for now. Put it this way, Jetsubmitter [...]

JetConvo + SMF & vBulletin & IPB

It’s official! JetConvo has now added support for SMF, vBulletin, and IPB (along with the original phpBB2 support)! Our public release will support all current versions of phpBB2, SMF, vBulletin, and IPB. It’s even possible that we’ll have Joomla and phpBB3 support finished up for launch day. But no promises. Also the public release will [...]

JetConvo Preview Video & Surprise

I’m pretty excited, I just finished putting together a preview video for our newest tool, JetConvo, showing how simple I’ve managed to make JetConvo to setup and use! But that’s not all, in the spirit of our other Jet Tools I’ve decided to release JetConvo with a free edition along side the full blown version! [...]

JetConvo Builder – behind the beta

A little while back I made a remark about some of the new tools I have in development. I also took on board a few beta testers for one of the projects, JetConvo. JetConvo posts real user generated, relevant, 3rd party content (legally acquired from Yahoo) directly to your Forum on autopilot getting the conversation [...]