Product Launch Manager Bonus – Best EVER

 Product Launch Manager Bonus   Best EVERI just arrived at a gorgeous North Georiga cabin to work for the weekend. I needed to get away and change my work environment because it personally helps me be ultra productive. However, I’m not completely away from distractions, there is some dog/wolf howling right outside my cabin and it’s kinda freaking me out!

Nevertheless, I have some news that I’m really excited to share…

On the way up I realized I haven’t even give you a heads up my huge bonus offer for Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Manager program. The program itself is for serious and dedicated people interested in starting a REAL business online only so I decided to design my bonus around making success faster, easier, and simpler for those that decide to step-up and become certified Product Launch Managers.

I’m still finishing up the exact details of the package, but rest assured it will be my best bonus EVER! It will include personal time invested by my staff and I to make your success as a Product Launch Manager EASIER and accelerated!

Stay tuned for the exact details tomorrow (10-23-09)!

Update: Product Launch Manager Sneak peak

UPDATE: My Product Launch Manager Bonus Details!