Make-over & in the works!

Jetsubmitter 2.0 is currently undergoing a pretty damn exciting make-over… new directories, speed enhancements, usability tweaks, new stats and graphs, reliability improvements, even Humanspinner integration.

I’m in the process of adding as many as 400 new article directories… PLUS… well… let’s leave it at maybe another surprise for now. Put it this way, Jetsubmitter is about to get a whole lot more powerful.

Jetconvo 2.0
Also Jetconvo 2.0 is underway! All current Jetconvo users can go to to create a free 2.0 beta account.
Jetconvo 2.0 supports all the newest versions of vBulletin and phpBB3 (SMF & IPB in testing)… it even supports mods such as vBSEO!
Other cool features are in the works such as real time stats for new threads.
2009 05 27 1052 Make over & in the works!

If you create a beta account just keep me updated on your progress/suggestions/etc.

  • Prepaid_Cell_Phone_Guy

    Are you going to change the rate you charge on Jet submitter?


  • tiggman

    Hey Jetsubmitter 2.0 Pro will be releasing soon and the price will be slightly more. It includes all the updates mentioned here plus some verrryyy cool stuff no article submission system has ever tried.