Jetsubmitter Article Summaries is in the process of updating right now but it should be live soon. I just finished some Jetsubmitter updates one of which was the addition of summaries for articles. You can now manually specify your article summary using spinner syntax or normal text. Additionally a fix was added for some users who were experiencing summaries being auto-created that were longer then they should have been.
screen shot 2009 09 17 at 104732 am Jetsubmitter Article Summaries
This should add an additional boost to the number of successful submissions you see being accepted and indexed!

  • gizaz

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  • Loki

    Hi Todd

    Hey I've heard some good things about your stuff…only there seem to be so many different products it's confusing. Is there any place that you have your products listed along with what it does and what's latest version and all of that..?

    Thanks! Loki

  • Todd Dickerson

    Sounds like something we planned on doing with the homepage, right now most stuff is listed just not explained. Here's a quick run down:

    Jetspinner -> Spins articles using our article spinning syntax

    Jetsubmitter -> Upgraded version of Jetspinner, Submits unique versions of articles to hundreds of article directories

    Humanspinner -> Has human writers create variations for your seed articles

    Autoblogger -> Uses micro outsourcing to have writers research, write, and then post to your blogs

    Jetconvo -> Forum building software that jump starts your forum with new posts

  • expansionspinner

    When I use the summary section it dose not show in the zipped file, is this how it's suppose to be?

  • Todd Dickerson

    Hey, yes that was intentional, I'll add something to make it clear that it wont be in the zip file, or an option to include it. Thanks for the headsup!

  • Azriel

    Yes thought so, but anyway how do you use it?

  • Todd Dickerson

    How do you use article summaries specifically? Article Summaries should be a 1 paragraph short summary of the entire article, spinning syntax included, if an article directory asks for a teaser or summary this is the only case when the article summary will be called upon.

  • David B. Reynolds

    Dear Todd,
    I think the best way to write an article summary is to write your piece with the first paragraph acting as a summary. Journalists call this the inverted pyramid style with the lead (the first paragraph, possibly 2) summarizing the entire piece. Combined with an effective headline, readers should be able to understand what the article is about. Details can be found on my blog,

  • Todd Dickerson

    Good advice, this is what our system does by default if no custom summary is provided

  • Debt

    I just wanted to thank you for all your great products. I've increased so much of my efforts.

  • Todd Dickerson

    You're welcome! Hopefully the new stuff coming down the pipe line will help even more.