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Little too popular… Sorry for the slowdowns!

Hey guys, I want to apologize for the slowdowns we’ve been experiencing. The update we did this month has been almost a little too popular! Our servers have simply not been able to keep up, even maxing out the ram. We’re working on some major database and site optimizations and rolling out some additional [...]

New Jetspinner “Smart” Thesaurus & Jetsubmitter 2.0 Updates

The other day I sent out an email to current and past JetSpinner users and asked you to let me know exactly what you wanted to see changed or updated in JetSpinner and Jetsubmitter… Well you’ve spoken and I’ve done my best to incorporate as much as possible in an update that goes live today! [...]

Jeff Johnson Underground Training Lab Bonus – ($1968 Real Value Bonus)

I’ve never actually offered a killer bonus package like this before for any product that was not my own but Jeff Johnson’s training is top notch and he’s helped me personally grow my business… his stuff just works. I decided to offer 12 months full premium access to my 2 most popular tools for anyone [...]

Product Launch Manager Bonus – ($4,108) REAL Value

Product Launch Manager is more then just another course in Internet Marketing, it’s an entire consulting business in a box. Jeff’s Product Launch Formula revolutionized the way internet marketing is done and now Jeff is going to train you on how to make huge commissions doing product launches for other businesses (A REAL sustainable online [...]

Product Launch Manager Bonus – Best EVER

I just arrived at a gorgeous North Georiga cabin to work for the weekend. I needed to get away and change my work environment because it personally helps me be ultra productive. However, I’m not completely away from distractions, there is some dog/wolf howling right outside my cabin and it’s kinda freaking me out! Nevertheless, [...]

Article Spinner Training site just launched

I just put a new site live to help teach article spinning. Currently have an “Article Spinning 101” video posted and free access to Jetspinner included, check it out if you’re not already a member: Article Spinner

Product Launch Manager from Jeff Walker [Video]

Product Launch Manager Video Make a LOT of money with no list and no product Jeff Walker is a personal friend and mentor of mine that I directly attribute to at least $100k of my income over the past couple years. If you’ve never heard of Jeff Walker he’s the guy behind Product Launch Formula… [...]

Jetsubmitter Article Summaries is in the process of updating right now but it should be live soon. I just finished some Jetsubmitter updates one of which was the addition of summaries for articles. You can now manually specify your article summary using spinner syntax or normal text. Additionally a fix was added for some users who were [...]

Upcoming bonus for Jeff Johnson’s Underground Training Lab

Quick heads up, Jeff’s opening his coaching club up for new members for the first time in a while. He’s brought back some highly requested features and some killer fast action bonuses. Jeff really knows his stuff and drives traffic like crazy. I’ve decided to put together an insane bonus offer that will help you [...]

Free Duplicate Content Checker for Spun Articles

Recently we finished up a nice and simple tool to help check your spun articles for content duplicate levels. It’s been in closed beta for a little while now and I’ve decided to go ahead and open it up for free public beta. Using JetChecker you can easily upload a zip file of your spun [...]